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(c) in which the stakes or any part thereof are disposed of otherwise than as payment to a player in winnings; or

(d) which is played by means of a mechanical slot machine, but does not include—

    • (i)

      a game of chance played with dice by persons on licensed club premises solely for the purpose of determining which of those persons shall be responsible for the purchase of intoxicating liquor for consumption by persons on the premises at the time the game is played; or

  • (ii)

    a lottery which is deemed not to be an unlawful lottery under the Lotteries Act 1944 [title 10 item 10]; or

  • (iii)

    bingo or the game known as cinemaraces; or

  • (iv)

    the game known as crown and anchor if played on the premises of any licensed club in accordance with the conditions of a permit issued by the Commissioner of Police.

(2) For the purposes of this Act, where intoxicating liquor is, as a result of a previous agreement for sale, appropriated so as to complete that sale by or on behalf of a licensed person holding a Licence (A) or, as the case may be, a Restricted Licence (A)—

  • (a)

    in any bonded or other warehouse the property of, or in the occupation or under the control of, such licensed person;

  • (b)

    on any wharf or dock or on premises comprising the Bermuda Airport within the meaning of the Civil Airports Act 1949 [title 23 item 1],

the sale shall, if the intoxicating liquor appropriated as aforesaid is delivered from the warehouse, wharf, dock or airport for consumption outside Bermuda, be deemed to take place on the licensed premises specified in the Licence (A) or Restricted Licence (A), as the case may be.

(3) For the purposes of this Act the supply of intoxicating liquor in club premises to members of a members’ club shall be deemed to constitute a sale.

[Section 1 amended by 1997:37 effective 6 May 1999; and by 1998:9 effective 15 May 1998; “Minister” substituted by BR30/2002 effective 14 June 2002; “Minister” substituted by BR67/2007 effective 13 July 2007; "premises" inserted by 2010 : 29 s. 2 effective 1 June 2010; "minor" inserted by 2014 : 9 s. 2 effective 1 October 2014]

Restrictions on sale of intoxicating liquor


(1) Except as permitted by this Act or under and in accordance with a licence

granted thereunder, it shall not be lawful for any person to sell any intoxicating liquor by

retail or wholesale in Bermuda,

(2) Any person who contravenes subsection (1) or fails to comply with any condition subject to which his licence is granted commits an offence:

Punishment on summary conviction; imprisonment for 6 months or a fine of $1,000.


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