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2008 Board of Trustees Meetings

Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. (except as noted). 2008 Sept. 24, Oct. 22, Nov. 19 2009 – Jan. 28, Feb. 25, March 25, April 26 (10 a.m.) Annual Membership Meeting, Sunday, April 26, 12:00 Noon.

Board of Trustees

Mark Ehlenfeldt, Pres. John Kallelis, Treas.

John Joyce, Vice Pres. Richard Prickett, Sec.

Chris Bethmann Ted Gordon Bart Amato Joseph Darlingt


Nora Hayes Stephanie Schrader Christine Lipsack


Susan B. Phillips, Executive Director Program Coordinator (vacant) Esther Kubiczky, Bookkeeper/Assistant


Mark Ehlenfeldt – Editor

Committees – 2008

Buildings – John Joyce Events – vacant Finance – John Kallelis Fund Development – vacant General Store – Esther Kubiczky Marketing & Public Relations – Mark Ehlenfeldt Interpretative Education & Archives - Ted Gordon Landscape and Garden – Janet Robbins Membership & Nominating - Stephanie Schrader Personnel – Mark Ehlenfeldt

If you are interested in attending the meeting of any Committee, please call the Trust office for the scheduled meeting time.

The Mission of the Trust is to restore, protect and enhance the land, sites and buildings at Whitesbog and to provide educational and interpretive programs and materials about the history, culture and natural environment of Whitesbog.


e m e m b e r i n g m y f r i e n d , T o m : e n j o y e d Tom and I R about talking philosophy, religion,

psychology and of course Whitesbog history. But probably my favorite conversations with him were about psychology. Tom was a true believer (like me), describing psychology as a special extraordinary cross between art and science. We talked about theorists, methods, early origins, root causes and on and on. I will miss Tom for so much – his kindness, his intellect, his easy conversational manner, his way of seeing the world, his enthusiasm, and our long conversations about one of our favorite topics. He brought so much to my life through those discussions.

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    Theresa Jacks -

I n preparing to write this issue, I had planned on writing about the White cranberry sorter, and hoped to drop by and talk to Tom since he had relayed bits and pieces about the sorters to me numerous times. We also had uncompleted plans to track down extant sorter parts at a local cranberry shed where some of the iron parts are still known to exist. Things are so different now. The story and the search for parts will still happen, but now I’ll have to work harder to remember his comments, and I’ll have to study harder to be sure I can recognized the sorter pieces when I see them. There are so many things I wish I could still ask him . . .

Tom was if anything one of the most inquisitive people I have known. In recent years, after he stopped driving, I had the opportunity a number of times of driving him to and from board meetings. During these rides, conversation typically ranged from the dynamics of hummingbird flight (about which he was virtually a self-taught expert) to the ability of venus flytrap plants to count. His curiosity was limitless, and my lasting vision will always be of him looking at something (often mechanical) and saying in his inimitable way

“Isn’t that nifty!” -

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    Mark Ehlenfeldt -

I consider Tom Darlington a friend, as probably almost everyone he met did. We shared some common interests - odd cars, motorcycles, and antique engines along with other less esoteric subjects. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Tom in his little workshop, and we visited a few antique engine shows together through the years. One favorite story is how he had a one eighth interest in his older brother's Model T Ford for the princely sum of two bits (that's right, 25 cents)! Times have changed.

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