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Conference Schedule TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 2008


T 201 Initial Response to A Hazardous Material Incident (repeats W210)

Instructor: John Falat, California Highway Patrol

Room: Library

This course is essential for anyone in fire, law enforcement, EMS or on a hazmat team who could find themselves on the scene of a hazmat incident. It will cover the do’s and don’ts of what to expect from certain materials, and a review of recent incidents and what was learned from them.

T 202 Pipeline Safety and Security (repeats W208) Instructors: Cary Wages and Bob Beard, Chevron Pipeline Company

Room: CPO Lounge

Where are all those petroleum pipelines? How dangerous are they? What products are transported through the lines? This class will look at the pipeline transportation industry and the special considerations in the area of safety and security. It will also provide information on how to respond to a spill, a leak, or an explosion and mitigation of the incident. The class will discuss and review recent incidents and how best to avoid them.

T 203 Federal Regulations, Safety, Security and Driver Issues For HazMats (repeats W216) Instructors: Pat Fiori C.H.P. and Pat Romero DOT/West Coast Hazmat Safety Team Room: Wardroom Lounge What is being carried on our highways and who can transport it? What new Federal laws or regulations after 9/11? What Security measures are being taken? This course will cover HazMat 232 security requirements and how to meet Federal transportation security facilities requirements as well Industries’ point of view and expectations.

T 204 Chlorine Emergencies: An Overview for First Responders

Instructor: Scott Etzel, Dow Chemical

Room: Classroom 1

As a first responder you know that the first 15 minutes of a response is critical to a successful outcome of the situation. Proper planning and preparation before an incident – and the amount and quality of information you quickly gather during the incident – will be imperative to the safety of yourself, your team and the public. This class will help you prepare to act in those critical first 15 minutes of a chlorine emergency – what to do when the call comes in, what you might expect on scene, and where to find the resources you’ll need to contain it. The techniques and workflow presented are also valuable in just about

any type of hazmat response.

T 205 Stinger Operations/Liquid Transfer…MC306/DOT406 (repeats W209) Instructors: Paul Andrews et al. - Contra Costa Health Services HazMat Programs

Room: Wardroom

Course covers basic requirements and concerns in a stinger operation. In depth information regarding the hazards when drilling in a potentially flammable and explosive environment will be presented. Step by step instruction, including grounding, drill tap and equipment needed will be covered. Students will have

hands on training.

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