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Conference Schedule WEDNESDAY, April 2, 2008


W 205 Up-Righting Cargo Tankers…Full and Empty

Instructor: Perry Shusta, Arrowhead Towing

Room: East Lot

Techniques and concerns in dealing with hazardous materials cargo tank incidents. This course includes

the methods and use of proper equipment in up-righting tanks as well as stability concerns, leaks and safety issues. A demonstration of up- righting a rolled over MC306/DOT406 is part of this class.

W 206 Booming Demonstration Instructor: Charles Greer, NRC Environmental Services

Room: Classroom 1

Booming is an important response tool to prevent migration of hazardous materials in bodies of water and waterways and allow for concentration and collection of these spilled materials. In both presentation demonstration formats, this course describes the different types of boom available, purposes for each boom type, and use of skimmers to minimize environmental impacts of released hazardous materials.

W 207 Use of Vacuum Trucks at an Emergency HazMat Response

Instructor: George Harper, Chevron-Texaco Refining

Room: Classroom 3

When should a vacuum truck be called and utilized? What precautions should be taken and what

circumstances could cause an escalation at an incident? An awareness of how this piece of equipment

should be used will lead to a safer and more thorough clean up for all parties involved.

W 208 Pipeline Safety and Security REPEAT Instructors: Cary Wages and Bob Beard, Chevron Pipeline Company

Room: Classroom 4

Where are all those petroleum pipelines? How dangerous are they? What products are transported through the lines? This class will look at the pipeline transportation industry and the special considerations in the area of safety and security. It will also provide information on how to respond to a spill, a leak, or an explosion and mitigation of the incident. The class will discuss and review recent incidents and how best

to avoid them.

W 209 Stinger Operations/Liquid Transfer…MC306/DOT406 REPEAT Instructors: Paul Andrews et. al - Contra Costa Health Services Haz Mat Programs

Room: Wardroom

Course covers basic requirements and concerns in a stinger operation. In depth information regarding the hazards when drilling in a potentially flammable and explosive environment will be presented. Step by step instruction, including grounding, drill tap and equipment needed will be covered. Students will have hands on training.

1200 - 1300 Lunch provided


“ATTENTION EMPLOYER” Refresher training for emergency responders required under 29CFR, Part 1910.120(q) and CCR T-8 5192(q) (HAZWOPER) may be met by conference courses in this brochure. Under state and federal law, the employer evaluates refresher training needs based on employee competencies. The employer must determine which workshops are potentially suitable refresher classes that meet the needs of their employee.

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