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  • New chapter openers feature applications in mathematics such as “Mathematics in Medicine,” “Mathematics in Carpentry,” “Mathematics in Food Preparation,” and more. Each chapter opener refers the student to certain applied problems in the Exercise sets.

  • Each chapter begins with a new and engaging InfoTrac® College Edition Project, specifically chosen to demonstrate the importance of mathematics and spark your students’ interest in the subject matter. Four months of free access to InfoTrac College Edition is included with every new copy of the text, allowing you to incorporate an array of current applications or the latest research into your lectures.

  • This Seventh Edition includes more Application problems than any previous edition. This abundance of new problems reflects the authors’ emphasis on problem-solving through realistic applications. Also included is an Index of Applications, making it easy for instructors and students to quickly locate these problems. In addition to Application problems, each problem set also includes Review, Vocabulary and Concepts, Practice, Writing, and Something to Think About.

  • This edition features a colorful new design that is more appealing and easier to read. All calculator art has been rendered by an artist and is more visually appealing and educationally effective. The authors make thoughtful use of color to highlight essential areas that instructors would normally highlight in a classroom discussion.

  • Section 1.4, “Adding and Subtracting Real Numbers,” includes new rules for adding real numbers.

  • New rules for multiplying and dividing real numbers are given in section 1.5, “Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers.”

  • In Section 2.7, “Solving Inequalities,” material is now included to help students translate from words to inequality statements.

  • To allow students to focus completely on factoring techniques when first encountering them, the work on solving quadratic equations has been moved into a separate section toward the end of Chapter 5, “Factoring Polynomials.”

  • Chapter 6, “Proportions and Rational Expressions,” includes new material listing the steps to use when solving equations containing fractions.

  • Application problems are built around the authors’ proven five- step problem-solving strategy: analyze the problem, form an equation, solve the equation, state the conclusion, and check the result. Authors’ Notes further explain each step of the problem- solving process.

  • NCTM standards, the AMATYC Crossroads, and the current trends in mathematics reform are carefully implemented with an emphasis on problem solving and the use of technology.

  • Self-Checks give students the opportunity to immediately apply concepts, and are included with most examples. Answers are found at the end of each section.

  • Comment features warn students about common errors and provide them with interesting insights about the material.

  • Graphing calculator coverage is integrated throughout the text for reinforcement and further discovery. Exercises requiring a graphing calculator are clearly marked. In the calculator problems, keystrokes are now given for both scientific and graphing calculators. For instructors who do not use calculators in the classroom, the material on calculators can be omitted without interrupting the flow of ideas. All topics are presented in a conventional way.

  • Each section begins with Getting Ready exercises that review skills students need for the new material.

  • Vocabulary and Concepts problems appear in the section-ending exercise sets to promote conceptual understanding of key topics.

  • Something to Think About problems, which may be used for class discussion, require extra thought and insight, and develop multi- step reasoning.

  • Problems and Projects in each chapter provide an opportunity for collaborative learning or extended projects. VISIT US ON THE WEB

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Gustafson and Frisk—BEGINNING ALGEBRA, Seventh Edition

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