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Interactive Video Skillbuilder CD-ROM

Think of it as portable office hours! The Interactive Video Skillbuilder CD-ROM contains more than eight hours of video instruction. The problems worked during each video lesson are shown next to the viewing screen so that students can try working them before watching the solution. To help students evaluate their progress, each section contains a 10-question Web quiz (the results of which can be e-mailed to the instructor), and each chapter contains a chapter test with answers to each problem on each test. This interactive learning resource also includes MathCue tutorial and testing software.

Book Companion Web Site

Accessible at the Brooks/Cole Mathematics Resource Center (http://mathematics.brookscole.com),

the Book Companion Web Site offers a range of learning resources that can be used to help your students get the most from their beginning algebra class. Chapter- specific quizzes and tests allow students to assess their understanding— and receive immediate feedback. Students also have access to Internet Activities, which feature additional explorations of concepts.

InfoTrac® College Edition

Incorporate an array of current applications or the latest research into your algebra lectures! InfoTrac College Edition is automatically packaged FREE with every new copy of Gustafson and Frisk’s text. This world-class, online university library offers the full text of articles from almost 5,000 scholarly and popular publications—updated daily and going back as much as 22 years. Students can explore articles that bring the real-world applications of mathematics into focus, from timely publications such as American Scientist, Astronomy, Business Week, Discove , PC Magazine, and thousands more. Both adopters and their students receive unlimited access for four months. Explore the range of possibilities at http://www.infotrac-college.com.

The Learning Equation (TLE) Labs 0-534-46358-4

TLE Labs are the ideal upgrade for any BCA/iLrn Tutorial. Each of the 15 TLE Labs, scheduled one per week in a traditional semester course, introduce and explore key concepts—BCA/iLrn Tutorial reinforces those concepts with unlimited practice. With the opportunity to explore these core concepts interactively at their own pace, students are solidly prepared for the work of the traditional course. TLE Labs correlate to the key concepts of the text and the course in general. In addition to the printed textbook, students receive everything they need to succeed in the course: an online version of the text, access to the TLE Labs, text- specific interactive tutorials, and access to vMentor—all in the same, single, unified environment. Ask your Thomson representative about TLE Labs they’re a great value for your students!

Free with every new copy of the text! BCA/iLrn . . . New Version 3.5!

BCA is now transitioning to a new identity— iLrn—to reflect its expanded capabilities in diagnostics, course management, homework, and tutorials that have taken it far beyond an assessment system and into a complete and integrated teaching and learning solution. BCA/iLrn offers powerful, time saving solutions for course management, testing, and student mastery—all in one integrated, browser- based, online system.

BCA/iLrn Instructor Version Course management, testing, and tutorial The instructor version of BCA/iLrn is made up of two components, BCA/iLrn Testing and BCA/iLrn Tutorial. BCA/iLrn Testing is a revolutionary, Internet-ready, text-specific testing suite that allows instructors to customize exams and track student progress in an accessible, browser-based format. BCA/iLrn offers full algorithmic generation of problems and free-response mathematics. BCA/iLrn Tutorial is a text-specific, interactive tutorial software program that is delivered via the Web and is offered in both student and instructor versions. The tracking program built into BCA/iLrn Instructor Version enables you to carefully monitor students’ progress. Results flow automatically to your gradebook and you can easily communicate with individuals, sections, or entire courses. BCA/iLrn has been updated with a diagnostic tool to assess and place students in any course and provide a personalized study plan. Other new updates include:

  • The ability to manipulate and format your tests with the new “rich text format” (RTF) conversion tool.

  • Several new problem types provide greater variety and more diverse challenges in your tests.

  • A redesigned tutorial interface effectively engages students and helps them learn math concepts faster.

BCA/iLrn Tutorial Student Version FREE access to this text-specific, interactive, Web-based tutorial system is included with Beginning Algebra, Seventh Edition. So sophisticated, it’s simple, BCA/iLrn Tutorial allows students to work with real math notation in real time, providing instant analysis and feedback. The entire textbook is available in PDF format through BCA/iLrn Tutorial, as are section-specific video tutorials, unlimited practice problems, and additional student resources such as a glossary, Web links, and more. And, when students get stuck on a particular problem or concept, they need only log on to vMentor, where they can talk (using their own computer microphones) to tutors who will skillfully guide them through the problem using the interactive whiteboard for illustration. BCA/iLrn Tutorial is also offered on a dual-platform CD-ROM (use ISBN: 0-534-46338-X). New! A personalized study plan can be generated by course- specific diagnostics built into BCA/iLrn Tutorial. With a personalized study plan, students can focus their time where they need it the most, creating a positive learning environment and paving a pathway to success in their mathematics course.

Gustafson and Frisk—BEGINNING ALGEBRA, Seventh Edition

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