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Den Meeting 11


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Preparation and Materials Needed Read the Handyman chapter in the ebelos Handbook. For this activity badge to be completed today will require advance assignment of work at home: 1c. The boys are to do a household task in their home for two weeks. Identify any parents or other pack resources who are most proficient with auto, bicycle, and home repair and could be your activity badge counselor for this meeting. You might do this meeting as a field trip to their garage or workshop, or to a mechanic’s shop.

  • Be sure any guest speaker knows how long the presentation should run, and that you’ve

confirmed what can or should be covered that would be interesting and fun for the Scouts.

  • Show any guest speaker the Handyman chapter in the ebelos Handbook.

If you are doing this as a field trip, inform Scouts and families about when and where to meet. Materials checklist (add to your den Cub tub of U.S./den flags, paper/pencils, other supplies):

  • Have car-washing equipment, car tire pressure gauge.

  • One or more bicycles, oil for a bicycle chain, a pump to inflate bicycle tires, tools for making a repair on a bicycle.

  • A light fixture, and a light bulb for the fixture.

  • Handyman activity badge pins for each of your Scouts (so they can be awarded if completed today), and compass emblems or points (if those will be completed today).

Before the Meeting Review After the Meeting at the end of the previous den meeting plan for necessary preparation and materials. Make final preparations with assistance from any assistant den leader or other parent helper, den chief, and/or denner. Organize the space (seating, flags, advancement charts, activity materials, handouts, etc.). If you’re snacking, organize space for that and the cleanup.

Gathering Have a gathering activity (games, puzzles, other) that will keep Scouts interested and busy and that others may join as they arrive. If the den desires, serve a healthy snack during this time. If you have background materials for the activity badge, Scouts may be interested in reviewing those. If you’re on a field trip, as boys arrive, collect permission slips from parents who are not staying. Collect dues, record attendance and any advancement completed at home (a good job for an assistant den leader). Assign parents to meeting roles and hand out a meeting plan to each.

Opening Flag ceremony (rotate planning and leadership to complete Webelos requirement 6), with Pledge of Allegiance; maybe recite the Cub Scout Promise or sing a patriotic song; perhaps add a roll call, uniform recognition, or den yell. If you have a guest, give a formal introduction, including what the guest will do for you.

Business Items Remind the boys of appropriate behavior, including safety considerations, at the site of your visit. Use this time also to discuss participation in upcoming pack meetings or events as needed. Explain that today’s meeting is to work on the Handyman activity badge because Webelos Scouts are old enough to provide a lot of help around the house, and can learn more about those skills. Verify: Check boys’ handbooks to see that they have done a household task for two weeks (Handyman 1c).

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