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OCTH 131: Occupational Therapy Practice in Neurorehabilitation - page 5 / 9





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2. Thoroughness in following instructions

3. Clarity of thought and content

4. Accuracy and specificity

5. Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, syntax and correct use of APA documentation

6. Problem solving and rationale

Grading of project II:

Impact of the disorder on occupational performance:2 pt

Intervention including the role of OTR/COTA: 2 pt

AE/Environmental modifications:2 pt

APA/Writing skills:  2 pt

Presentation:  1 pt

Peer evaluation:1 pt

Total:   10 pt

III. Laboratory Examination: A laboratory examination will be held during the semester where the student must demonstrate proficiency in a randomly selected assessment, intervention technique or method. The student will be given 5 minutes to demonstrate the selected treatment to the course instructor. No make-up examinations will be offered. Each student will be evaluated using the following criteria:

1. Explanation of technique to client

2. Identification of intended outcome of technique

3. Safe and accurate performance of technique (adhere to Universal Precautions: CM pg. 96)

4. Ability to grade technique

5. Identify the intended patient population for this technique

The following topics will be included for random selection.

1. Assessment of visual fields or compensatory training for visual field deficits

2. Dysphagia evaluation or intervention for dysphagia

3. Assess proximal instability, bed mobility, or intervention to improve trunk control

4. Assess visual perceptual deficits or intervention to address these deficits

5. Evaluation of upper extremity coordination or intervention for upper extremity function

IV. Laboratory Exercises: Each exercise is designed to help the student master the material. No make-up time will be provided for students who are absent for the laboratory exercise portion of the class. Each student should complete the reading assignment prior to attempting the laboratory exercise. Please see course manual for the specifics of each laboratory exercise.

Course Schedule:

View assigned videotapes BEFORE attending class! All videos are available at IRC!

All reading assignments should be completed prior to class and bring G & S to class on assigned dates

1-26-06: Part 1: Introduction to course and review of neurological structures, theories of nervous system

organization, medical terminology pre-test, introduction to cases: L CVA (MCA), R CVA (ACA), TBI

Students are expected to assume the responsibility for each of these cases in a manner similar to beginning a fieldwork experience. Please see course manual and review cases prior to next week.

CM pg. 1-13; Review all of Gertz as needed .You will be expected to know all the material in Gertz!!

View videotape: Nervous System

Laboratory Exercise: Identification of deficient areas of occupation, problems with performance skills and client factors for each case, discuss context for each case

G & S section: Glossary

Part 2: Begin the neurological examination and interpretation of examination

CM pg.14-23, G as needed, P & E ch. 24, U ch 4, Z ch.1-2

Laboratory Exercise: Cranial nerve examination for visual field defects, facial musculature and sensation, apply laboratory exercise to each case and identify how information would be recorded in client’s chart for each case

G & S section 7

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