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COM Job Search Manual – Business Communication: Job Search Correspondence

appearance is important. Immediately follow this correspondence with a snail-mail thank-you.

A letter of acceptance is your written “contract.” In an enthusiastic but straightforward letter, repeat all the specific negotiations: your starting date, salary, bonus, and any special negotiated perks, benefits, and arrangements. Include a goodwill message to your employer.

The tone of your letter of refusal should be appreciative and polite, and the content should be brief and direct. Your goal for this letter is to maintain goodwill and to not “burn bridges,” so thank the employer for the offer and state that you have accepted another position.

Decisions about the use of email in the general job search are difficult. You need to know the preferences of your audience, such as accessibility and comfort with technology, formality of style, and personal frustration level over the amount and content of daily messages.

In general, during your job search, a multi-pronged approach is best, using email, phone, and snail mail moderately and strategically.

If you have a need to make your contact quickly, use email, but follow up with paper documents.

Remember to choose the words for your subject line carefully to attract the reader through the spam.

Your writing should be professional and careful, using tips from AUDIENCE STRATEGY and BUSINESS WRITING.

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