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Develop Your Personal Strengths

By Rajaa Nadim Halabi

Rajaa’ Nadim Halabi was born in Bchamoon, Lebanon and currently resides in New Jersey with her family. She is a nineteen-year-old sophomore in college and is pursuing a double major in business finance along with economics. She intends to continue her education and receive the highest degree offered in her field of study.

Custom has furnished the only basis which ethics have ever had, and there is no conceivable human action which custom has not at one time justified and at another condemned”

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    Joseph Wood Krutch

Growing up Druze in an American society and maintaining your sense of culture is a difficult task. The morals, intellect, and principles that we follow are of great significance and allow us to be the highly regarded culture that we are. Being a young Druze has its upsets and there is nothing I or anyone else could do or say to make it easier. We just have to believe in our hearts that it is a better way of life that we were privileged enough to be born into.

A certain issue that troubles me, and I am sure I am not alone, is the concept of marriage within the Druze community. From what I have noticed, many families are caught up on the notion of marriage so much so that they are blind to more important issues, such as, well-being, education, and personal achievement.

I am in no way oblivious to the importance of marriage, however, being raised by parents who are strong believers in education, self-satisfaction, and having the power to stand alone I cannot help but entertain the idea of

pursuing your own personal goals above all else. “So, have you found yourself a husband yet?” Such a simple question leads to such a wider horizon. A horizon in which people would rather see someone married with a false sense of security rather than being a single successful individual.

I have always tried to achieve the highest standard of living for myself and with the guidance of my parents, I have emerged from my childhood as an independent self-sufficient woman. I wish only that other youths would follow such a path.

We just have to believe in our hearts that it is a better way of life that we were privileged enough to be born into.

I am not preaching nor am I trying to instill my morals onto anybody else. I am simply encouraging every Druze youth to set high goals for themselves and achieve the most they can without considering marriage as a gateway into security.






convention in Arizona, into perspective what I throughout my life.

I was able to put have been taught The convention

broadened my scope in the sense that for the first time in my life I was surrounded by people who comprise of the same background, beliefs, and up bringing. I was able to learn so much from so many different people, which allowed me to walk away with a higher understanding of my religion along with a more distinguished sense of pride for the culture that I am blessed to be a part of.

At the same time, it was discouraging to know that people were at this convention for the sole intent to marry. Although marriage is a great outcome and a lovely possibility, the convention should be regarded as something higher. It should be regarded as a time to become acquainted with others within the community and further explore such a divine culture.

After never being exposed to such an atmosphere, I felt overwhelmed with feelings about being Druze. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to realize how much my culture has and will forever affect my life and everything that I do.



Youth Perspectives

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