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Your Opinions—Continued



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Thank you! Allow us to thank you first for all your contribution to the community. Your amazing work made a big difference & helped keep the community together. Thank you & may all your dreams come true!! Giath & Rola Hamdan, Toronto, CANADA

By: Dr. Anis Obeid

This newsletter is amazing!




Convoluted the road Of history. The road we traveled Time and time again Before I was born and reborn, and before Pulsations from your rocks exhumed My life, And before Your waves splintered My sins on that alter Magnificent blue.

How shall I describe you? Ageless, perhaps, but for grooves of A merciless plow, the plunderer that links Expanding the universe to osteoporosis. Of beauty and beast I shall not dwell You know them well You represent them well. It is in your stuff Man and man made, the soup we call Reality.

Wicked you are not Nor virtue‘s morsel To which you fake homage Before you dine, And feast, and get drunk. The wary bride Elopes with phantoms, all phantoms. You have long forgone virginity, It is love that you worship, and life, and the soup Reality.

Vitality, always; a thousand wells You got your name, Your identity from a thousand wells. The spice, instilled in a thousand wells And a thousand veins keep it flowing The spice, and the blue dye And a thousand masts that ply The great blue, And the white beard. Towering heights, Make sure you do not sleep.

I have seen you suffer,

I have seen you laugh I have seen you cry, and devour Blood, red blood And crave suffering, where Neither angels, nor devils Endure. Blast them that try in vain My displacement. I am he that suffering exalts, and she That suffering brings. Full term in cyclical rhythm I am your bosom.

Many a night the sky inverts itself And lands, I am a witness. A million gems bubble and twinkle And fill the Towering heights with awe A world standing still Peaceful intoxication.

How many times doom swirled And sucked vitality and grace Combatants slew and inhaled The blind fury of death and destruction. Then came back To cups of coffee, and water pipe, and poetry Intrigue you are second to none. And I and we are all in it The dance of death Only the stones it seems remained to testify. Endurance.

Empires thrive and die Armies, ask Alexander, and Darius, and the great Caesar Ask them all and more Who triumphs in the end. The boot of conquerors, nay The soil that patiently exhales Their doom. You shall not taste slavery. No you shall not.

you feel that you are associated with every Druze around the world separated only by distance. I sent it to my family and friends in Lebanon and everywhere. In time this will reach all Druze. You and your wife Sarah should be proud of this accomplishment that for the first time unites

all of us and delivers information


I am looking forward to the next issue.

Ameen Halabi,, Chapter President Oklahoma, USA

I had the pleasure reading the first issue of Al Fajer The Dawn. What a great informative magazine that lets you know about Druze chapters all over the world. Thank you very kindly for your time & effort for putting it together.

Yehia Aboukahl, ADS Chapter President Illinois , USA

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the first issue of Al-Fajer. I was delighted & extremely impressed to say the least. It is wonderful & professional. I wish you the best going forward. I hope to see you at the ADS Center in Michigan to offer my congratulations & support in person.

Osama Abihana, Michigan, USA

Well done!

It really exceeded


expectations. Please keep it up!

Walid Shaban, Chapter President North Carolina, USA

Congratulations on the first issue of "Al- Fajer Druze International Newsletter" a great idea that was long overdue! You have done a great job and I thank everyone involved in it's publication. Keep it coming please.

Akram Abi Saada, Alberta, CANADA

Awesome, Awesome Newsletter! I love it, I am very excited, the contents are beautiful, meaningful and educational. Love them. Great Job! Thank you for all the photos that you put up, I appreciate all that you did! Job, very well done!

Hala Abu-Hamdan, Michigan, USA




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