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Question to Consider

1.  Do you think the American Navy did the right thing by violating the Geneva Code and not reporting the capture of the POW’s?  Why or why not?





The U-505 Today - Summary

This summary is taken from:  http://www.msichicago.org/exhibit/U505/resources/5_teachers/FINAL_Navigate.pdf

The U-505 was more than a trophy of war. Its seizure was critical in helping the Allies understand German technology and codes. More immediately, by studying the U-boat, the Allies were able to better defend their ships at sea. The boarding party retrieved approximately 900 pounds of German codebooks and publications, as well as two Enigma machines (for encoding German messages) and acoustic torpedoes. With the U-505 hidden in Bermuda, the capture was kept secret until the end of the war.

The U-505 is the only U-boat of its type in the United States, and one of only five left in the world. That the U-505 came to rest in Chicago is no coincidence. Captain Gallery was determined that the U-505 would become a memorial to the 55,000 American sailors who died in Atlantic Ocean battles during WWI and WWII. He campaigned to have the sub moved from the Navy Yard in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to Chicago. Otherwise, this irreplaceable artifact would likely have been sold for scrap, or, ironically, towed out to sea and sunk. It took an extraordinary feat of engineering in 1954 to get the U-505 through the St. Lawrence Seaway, into the Great Lakes and across the width of Lake Shore Drive. Captain Gallery once remarked that bringing the U-505 to the Museum was perhaps more difficult than its capture. In 1989, the U-505 was declared a National Historic Landmark. It has been the only foreign enemy man-of-war that was boarded and captured on the high seas by the U.S. Navy since the War of 1812.

MPS/MOEC Teaching American History Grant Lesson Plan Template

Teacher’s Name:  Lula McCaskill

District:  Millard Public SchoolsDate Submitted:  August 12, 2007

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