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longer] and a small [attack] U-boat alongside of it [U-544 was sunk on 16 Jan.; apparently the second submarine survived the action]. On our second cruise which began late in March, we got two more kills. We sank the U-515 and picked up 40-some prisoners, including the captain, and sank the U-68 the next day, getting one survivor and one dead man and a great deal of wreckage. On this cruise we broke the ice on night operations for CVEs [escort aircraft carriers]. So far as I know, we were the first CVE to operate continuously at night as a matter of routine. On this cruise there was one period during which we had planes in the air continuously for 48 hours and it was during that period that we got both of our kills. Planned capture of U-boat It was also during this cruise that we got the idea of trying to capture a U-boat. When we sank the [U-]515 we had been hunting her continuously for about 18 hours, making intermittent sound contacts, sightings by the planes at night and contacts by destroyers....and contacts on sonar buoys, in other words, we'd been right on top of the U-515 for about 18 hours and had delivered several depth charge attacks, both from the air and surface vessels, which had damaged him until he got to the point where he had to come up and he suddenly popped up right in the middle of a group of three of our destroyers which were only three to four hundred yards away from him, and he was surrounded by them. We had three or four planes in the air at the time over this spot. As soon as he popped up everyone opened up on him in accordance with the usual accepted doctrine and hammered him to pieces, set fire to him and blew him up and he sank within a few minutes of the time that he had come up. He attempted to man his guns but the gunfire from our ships was so heavy that it drove the crew overboard. In analyzing this attack afterwards it occurred to us that if we had anticipated what was going to happen and had been ready for it with organized boarding parties, we might possibly have gotten aboard the U-515 in time to save her. So we determined that on the next cruise we would anticipate such an event and be ready for it. The next cruise started in May and at the departure conference attended by the representatives of Cinclant [Commander in Chief, US Atlantic Fleet], ComAirLant [Commander, Atlantic Air Forces], ComFairNorfolk [Commander, Fleet Air, Norfolk, Virginia], DesDivLant [Destroyer Division, Atlantic}, we discussed plans for boarding and capture and we agreed that if we encountered a submerged submarine and forced him to surface we would then assume that he had surfaced for only one reason, which was to try to save his hide, save the crew. And that as soon as he surfaced we would cease fire with any weapons that could inflict fatal damage on the submarine, that we would use only anti-personnel weapons from that point on, attempting to drive the crew overboard as rapidly as possible, meantime having our boarding parties already to go. Each ship in the task force was ordered to organize and instruct boarding parties and to have all preparations ready for taking a sub in tow on short notice. On 17th of May, approximately ten days after we had sailed, in my intention for the night signal I told the group that we expected to be on a hot trail the next day and reminded them that our objective was to capture rather than sink and said for all ships to have their boarding parties ready and be ready to tow. That was May 17th. The actual capture occurred on June 4th. We didn't get the one that I had in mind on May

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