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Spring/ Summer 2007 Edition

    AVATIL Client Newsletter

Note from the Unicorn editor-and-chief (Jesse) and co-editor and image publisher (JaSonic)…

Hi everyone.  We can’t believe it’s that time of year again!  Time flies so fast! This is our last issue until the fall.  We hope you enjoy reading this issue and have enjoyed the ones in the past.  We look forward hearing from you in the fall.

Have a great summer!

Signed: Jesse Cale, JaSonic Hedgehog, Claudia Clavero, Denis Bazinet & Simon Wong

Space Station in

Marymount’s Parking Lot

For Children and Adults

By Claudia Clavero

On Thursday, May 3rd, we were invited to a space shuttle and stayed until 1:00 PM.  Once inside the space station, we saw how they lived and do everyday tasks like eating and such.  I felt it was more for children to see if that’s what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Even so, I enjoyed it and it was interesting because they showed us the tube that they use to suck the food out.  They had plants there and they grow in different ways with machinery.

Stuck For Life

By Denis Bazinet

I have three new tattoos: the buffalo sabers logo, a wrestling logo, and a heart. The first two I got at Adrenaline Tattoos downtown. It was a nice store and they sold t-shirts and watches too. I made an appointment downstairs, and then went upstairs to get my tattoo done. The tattoo artist was my friend Ron and he got everything ready and made sure everything was clean. He was gentle and went very slowly with the needle on my skin. It didn’t hurt. He added color to it, and then put cream on it and then a bandage. It cost $80 for my buffalo tattoo and $75 for the wrestling one. The heart was done in Lachine at What Tattoo on Sherbrooke and they did the same thing. I like tattoos because they keep me company, and this summer I am getting the Alouettes symbol on my back. It is very important to keep new tattoos clean, and you should only go to clean tattoo places. They should use new needles and change their gloves a few times to keep you safe.

We the Unicorn editors would like to take this opportunity to congratulate AVATIL clients, Kosta Tsambalieros and Anna Fraser on their great achievements.   Anna on becoming a new board

Member and Kosta on winning the Fay Bland award!   Way to go you two!!  We are so proud of you!!

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