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Tony Lefebvre’s Interview about Floor Hockey-

By Unicorn Members

1. What sport did you play with the Special Olympics?

Floor hockey

2. Where was your game?

In Valleyfield

3. How many days?

Three days, March 9th to 11th.

4. What is your team called?

The Lasalle Wildcats

5. How long have you been doing it?

16 years

6. Did you win any medals?

Yes, one silver medal for floor hockey this year

7. How did you feel when you won your medal?

I was happy, very happy. I was playing to get the gold, but I was happy with the silver.

8. Why do you participate in the Special Olympics?

I want to play, it is fun, it’s good exercise.

The Unicorn congratulates Tony’s on his hard work and achievements.

The Inventor and His

Kingdom-Part II

By Chris George

In 1898 the time has passed and the people aren’t the same.  In the market Harry saw a bird in the tree.  A man that is in his early twenties called out to him.  And he went to talk to him and they went to eat there.  They settle there and they saw the King.  He talked to the people and Harry is listening too.  A teenager was playing with his friends.  They saw the bad King walking to the palace talking about the other King.  He asked one of them to battle the man.  And the others stop and the man was fair, but he didn’t fight at all.  The loyal King passed away and his soldiers are happy to have a new king there.  The hero is left there on the boat and went to see a man at the village fishing, and said goodbye to their friends left there and went to the Tower.

Denis’ Hair Cut

        By Denis Bazinet

Charlene gives me haircuts

and shaves my head bald with hair clippers with shiny blades.  She puts shaving cream on my head and hot water.  She missed spots because she can’t see-I got a small cut on my head twice.  It’s nice that she cuts my hair.

Underlock & Key:

Some People’s Best Kept Secret

By Daniel Dubuc

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a sickness where the sufferer

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