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AVATIL Staff Profile: Charlene Wright

By Denis Bazinet

Charlene teaches new people moving into AVATIL in apartment 391. She teaches them skill work, like how to do laundry, white with white and color with color. In the living room, she teaches people in 391 about using the knife and fork. Then she goes to her office to do paperwork about grocery lists. Sometimes I get haircuts from Charlene, and every night I walk Debbie and Charlene home-it’s not far from me. She works with old people in the mornings and then at AVATIL at night Charlene teaches people to do dishes and cook. I like her, she is a friend of mine. I’m taking Charlene out for coffee sometime at Dunkin’ Doughnuts. She is friends with everybody.

Santa Monica, California

By JaSonic

When I came in from Rte. 101 (California coastline) with my dad on my summer vacation in 2006, I was amazed to see a gigantic Ferris wheel on the east side of me (we were coming in from the south). OK, all I am going to say is that I loved the city and it was EXTREMELY close to Los Angeles. My dad & I went on the beach front and stared at the Pacific Ocean - I had good times. The Ferris wheel was in an amusement park called Pacific Park (which is in a few movies). When we went into Pacific Park (because my dad wanted me to see it in the evening), I saw this big Sonic stuffed animal right in the back of me. My jaw just dropped, I mean literally. I was kind of envious of that Sonic that I did not win at the amusement park, so I bugged my dad later that night. Well, back at my house, I went on eBay and saw something that I wanted, so I got it, but for $100. Its a 5-foot Sonic plush toy. The Sonic plush toy will be in another article though. At the pier in the evenings, everything is lit up so it will attract more people at Pacific Park.

Lost things sometimes found

By Simon Wong

Has anyone lost something and spent hours upon hours trying to find it and sometimes the search is unsuccessful? If not, that has happened to me quite a bit especially with papers and such. Here is a successful example - take this morning: I thought I had put the disk I usually save the articles I write for the Unicorn on in a drawer. Well I emptied the drawer out and guess - what it was not there and I kept telling myself that I had brought it home and put it there. So next, I checked and emptied out the school bag or knapsack of all the Braille French work I got during the school year and other papers and envelopes in the pockets, and the disk was not there either. After I checked my big work station with 2 doors, which you can lock by a pad lock, I found a disk but, it was the wrong one. So then out of frustration, I checked under the computer keyboard and I found another disk. I put it in the computer to find out what files were on there, and congratulations it turned out to be the right one.

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