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Simon’s Rant

By Simon Wong

In my other story I wrote about the services that were available for the blind. Keep in mind, that most of these organizations that offer these outings you need to find someone to go with you and you will also have to pay for the person going with you on the activity their fee for the outing on top of your payment for the trip. Unfortunately, volunteers are hard to find, since all of these activities are on the weekend and not everyone is available. How is someone supposed to have a social life? And what if the person is not interested in sporting activities or they are unable to do what is required, not everyone can go out and visit with friends for example, either due to reduced mobility, or the fact that the city is not totally accessible for those to get around, or being with protective family members who worry whether there is supervision in the event that something may happen. I find it very sad that they will fight for health services to be in English in this province, but no one cares that there is not enough leisure or social organizations in english, it seems that there is no one speaking on behalf for those of us who are dealing with this isolation no matter the disability and when you bring that fact up to some of these organizations they say “Oh well not my problem that’s how it is in Quebec you have to deal with the fact that there is French or its not our organizations mandate to make sure that there is leisure outings in a specific language”. Its bad enough that the choice of which language of school we want our children to be enrolled in, has been taken away, but that’s a different subject for a new article. I would like to be the person that speaks for those of us, but I cannot because I don’t have the experience, or the power to do so. I am a member of a place, which Promotes rights of adapted transport users. This organization assists with complaints whether it be for the regular transit system or the adapted transport. The name of the organization is: Regroupement des usagers du transport adapté du STM.

Well when there are no activities, I spend my Saturdays and Sundays sleeping on the living room couch with the tree house channel (kids programming) on since there is nothing else to do, or I am in my room listening to a taped book and I end up falling asleep, because either the person who is narrating the book is not exciting enough or the book does not interest me much in which I eventually finish the book several weeks or months later but there is a return policy at the Toronto library where the books are loaned out for 3 months. However I don’t send them back until around a year later sometimes. My rests start from about 1:00pm to 5 or 6:00pm, it unfortunately ruins my night hours though when I am supposed to be in bed, but I am so bored.

Unicorn Flashback: Trip to MaryMount

By Matthew Fews

Yesterday at 9 in the morning the people who work in the community kitchen, including me, met at the community centre to discuss a possible bus route to its new home at MaryMount in Cote Saint Luc. I was out-voted which made me upset. However, at 9:30 we decided to catch the 195 since it happened to be right outside our door. We then caught the 90 where Tina’s bakery was. After a short walk we finally caught the 162 after waiting a half hour for it to show up. Finally we reached MaryMount where my good friend Jasonic was waiting for us.

Denise introduced me to Hipolito who was her boss and I was also introduced to Nick Fafarro who ran the Centre. He then gave us a guided tour of MaryMount. Man, this place was big the gym was amazing and so was the computer lab. I was very impressed with the computer lab that I got a bit carried away and nearly was about to go on the internet if Jasonic hadn’t me on time. The kitchen that we will inherit as of September is also huge and has vending machines for drinks, 4 stoves and 3 sinks. I am personally looking forward to September where I can finally seem more of the community kitchen\s BIG new home.

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