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Healey, Joseph F. (2004). Statistics: A Tool for Social Research (7th edition). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Pub. Co.

Babbie, Earl R. (2003). The Practice of Social Research (10th edition). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Pub. Co.

Other Class Materials Class materials and articles will be available on the class website. http://urban.csuohio.edu/~sugie/ust601/index.htm

Class Evaluation


Exam I


Exam II


Exam III


Short Quiz (5%) and Homework (15%)


Class Participation

Class Policies

Missed Exams The make-up exam will be given only in cases of extreme and documented circumstances or documented illness. You must make these arrangements in advance of the exam. The student must schedule the make-up exam within 7 days of the in-class exam. This is the responsibility of the student. The make-up exam will vary in form, content, and length from that given in class. Except in these extreme circumstances, students earn a score of zero on missed exams. In addition, all exam answers should include calculation procedures to get correct answers. If you fail to show all calculation procedures, you are not going to get full credit. All exams will be drawn from the text and lecture materials. Please keep in mind that all lecture materials does not originate from the textbook.

Homework Assignment Late homework submissions will result in a penalty of 5 % of your grade per day late. If students submit their assignments after six days from the due date, students will get the 30% reduction of their grades on the assignments. Students will get a grade of zero on homework assignment if they delay more than 6 days. However, students are allowed only one time to delay their homework assignment without any penalty. In this case, they have to submit their home works within 6 days after the due date.

Most of the assignments in this class are individual works. Students are encouraged to work in groups to understand basic concepts on statistics, but they are not allowed to cooperate for class assignments and exams. As mentioned


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