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earlier, students also must include all calculating procedures and correct answers for their homework questions.

All work must be handed in as a “hard-copy” (no e-mail, e-mail attachments, faxes, etc). When you put your homework in my mailbox or my office, you have to notify your submission through email.

Class Working Load This class is four credit course. According to CSU’s recommendation regarding class working loads, students have to invest at least 12 hours (4 credits * 3 hours) per week except four hours for class.

Class Participation Students are going to participate in homework solutions or short quiz solution on the class board at the beginning of class. Students will be randomly selected, but they will have equal chance to participate in this practice. If you miss your turn, you will have a grade of zero. You need to arrive on time to participate in the homework discussion.

Extra Credit There are no “extra credit” opportunities to improve your grade in this class.

Communications I will only use CSU email addresses when I need to communicate with students through email.

University Policies

Academic Misconduct Academic misconduct of any type will result in an immediate grade of F for the course. Additionally, the Academic Misconduct Review Committee will be contacted for a hearing regarding your suspension from the University. If you have any further questions about academic misconduct, please see the CSU Student Handbook, available at: http://www.csuohio.edu/studentlife/conduct/StudentCodeOfConduct2004.pdf

When dealing with homework or assignments completed in a lab setting, students often find it difficult to distinguish between “helping out” a fellow student, or “working together” on a project and academic misconduct. These guidelines may be helpful:

  • Never share any of your written or electronic materials with another student. This includes your homeworks, data, tables, files, etc. This is academic misconduct.


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