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  • Work only at your own computer. Do not sit in front of a classmate’s computer and “take control” by using the mouse, typing on the keyboard, etc. By doing so, you are actually doing the work that your classmate will hand in and take credit for. This is academic misconduct.

  • Write independently. When assignments are graded, sentences that are duplicated, or even highly similar, in more than one assignment are blatantly obvious. Writing up your answers without consultation avoids this situation. Handing in an assignment containing verbatim passages from another student’s work is academic misconduct.

  • Reference your information sources. When you use a piece of information in your write up that you learned from another source (for example, your text book), that source must be referenced. Information taken verbatim must be quoted (to give the original author credit) and information that is paraphrased must be referenced. Failing to reference your sources is academic misconduct.

The Grade of “Incomplete” Grades of Incomplete will be given in accordance with university policy, no exceptions. Please see section 3.1.5 in the student handbook for further details. http://www.csuohio.edu/studentlife/conduct/index.html

Important Registration Information

  • The last day to drop this course will be listed on the Registrar’s website. http://www.csuohio.edu/registrar/calendar.html

  • Be sure to check with the Office of Student Services when considering to drop a course to see if your financial aid, assistantship, or scholarship will be effected.

Cancellation of Class Due to Weather Class will only be cancelled due to weather when the university is closed. CSU will cancel evening classes by 2 pm each day. Check www.csuohio.edu/csu snow to see if class is cancelled.

Students with Special Needs Students who will need special arrangements for exams or assignments must speak with the instructor by the end of the second week of class. This includes both physical handicaps and learning disabilities.


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