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E330 FOCUS AX Polyphase Features and Options

Proven Platform for Light Commercial & Industrial Applications

As an addition to the FOCUS family of meters, the AX Polyphase brings the same proven, solid-state performance utilities have come to expect from the FOCUS product line in an AMI-ready platform for light commercial and industrial applications.

The meter supports modular AMI communications or an optional KYZ option board and is available in both self-contained or transformer rated S-base meter forms. It provides an ANSI Type 2 optical port for meter programming and firmware upgrades. The meter utilizes advanced second generation “over-the-air,” flashable firmware so that when supported by the AMI network, it can be upgraded remotely without losing the meter configuration or billing data.

Wide Range Power Supply

The E330 FOCUS AX Polyphase meter comes standard with a wide range power supply for meter service voltages of 120V to 277V. With the meter wired line-to-neutral, it is suitable for 277/480V 4W wye services or 240/480V 4W delta services.

Load Profile

The E330 FOCUS AX Polyphase meter is available as an AX Demand (TOU Capable) meter or as a FOCUS AXR/TOU recording meter. It comes standard with 77K of load profile memory — no software keys are required. It can be configured with up to eight channels of load profile memory. Load profile interval lengths include 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. The meter can record up to 156 days of load profile data on eight channels at 60 minute intervals.

Available Metrics:

  • +kWh

  • -


  • Voltage sag per phase/any phase

  • Voltage swell per phase/any phase

  • Amp-hours per phase

  • Volt-hours per phase

  • Temperature

  • Line frequency

AMI Integration

The meter features the same 10-pin header as the rest of the FOCUS meter family making AMI integration easier. All meter data has the capability of being transmitted over various communication channels via optical port or AMI device.

Commercial and Industrial Meter Options

The FOCUS AX Polyphase enters into Landis+Gyr’s portfolio, next to the reliable commercial and industrial S4e meter. The FOCUS AX Polyphase provides a cost effective alternative for light commercial metering applications that does not require the same level of functionality as the S4e.

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