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General. The renewable unsecured subordinated notes we are offering will represent subordinated, unsecured debt obligations of CPS. We will issue the notes under an indenture between us and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, as trustee. The terms and conditions of the notes include those stated in the indenture and those made part of the inden- ture by reference to the Trust Indenture Act of 1939. The following is a summary of the material provisions of the in- denture. For a complete understanding of the notes, you should review the definitive terms and conditions contained in the indenture, which include definitions of certain terms used below. A copy of the indenture has been filed with the SEC as an exhibit to the registration statement of which this prospectus is a part and is available from us at no charge upon request.

The notes will be subordinated in right of payment to the prior payment in full of all our secured, unsecured, senior debt and other financial obligations, whether outstanding on the date of the indenture or incurred following the date of the indenture. Subject to limited restrictions contained in the indenture discussed below, there is no limit under the in- denture on the amount of additional debt we may incur. See “ – Subordination” below.

The notes are not secured by any collateral or lien and we are not required to establish or maintain a sinking fund to provide for payments on the notes. See “ – No Security; No Sinking Fund” below. In addition, the notes are not bank certificates of deposit and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Securities Investor Protec- tion Corporation or any other agency or company.

You may select the amount (subject to a minimum principal amount of $1,000) and term (ranging from 3 months to 10 years) of the notes you would like to purchase when you subscribe; however, depending upon our capital require- ments, we may not always offer notes with the requested terms. See “ – Denomination” and “ – Term” below.

We will determine the rate at which we will pay you interest on the notes at the time of subscription and the rate will be fixed for the term of your note. Currently available rates will be set forth in interest rate supplements to this prospec- tus. The interest rate will vary based on the term to maturity of the note you purchase and the total principal amount of all notes owned by you and your immediate family. We may change the interest rates at which we are offering new or renewed notes based on market conditions, the demand for notes and other factors. See “ – Interest Rate” below.

Upon acceptance of your subscription to purchase notes, we will create an account in a book-entry registration and transfer system for you, and credit the principal amount of your subscription to your account. We will send you a pur- chase confirmation that will indicate our acceptance of your subscription. You will have five business days from the postmark date of your purchase confirmation to rescind your subscription. If your subscription is rejected, or if you res- cind your subscription during the rescission period, all funds deposited will be promptly returned to you without any interest. See “ – Book-Entry Registration and Transfer” and “ – Rescission Right” below. Investors whose subscriptions for notes have been accepted and anyone who subsequently acquires notes in a qualified transfer are referred to as “holders” or “registered holders” in this prospectus and in the indenture.

We may modify or supplement the terms of the notes described in this prospectus from time to time in a supplement to the indenture and a supplement to this prospectus. Except as set forth under “ – Amendment, Supplement And Waiv- er” below, any modification or amendment will not affect notes outstanding at the time of such modification or amend- ment.

Denomination. You may purchase notes in the minimum principal amount of $1,000 or any amount in excess of $1,000. You will determine the original principal amount of each note you purchase when you subscribe. You may not cumulate purchases of multiple notes with principal amounts less than $1,000 to satisfy the minimum denomination requirement.

three months

six months

one year

two years

Term. We may offer notes with the following terms to maturity:

  • three years

  • four years

  • five years

  • ten years

You will select the term of each note you purchase when you subscribe. You may purchase multiple notes with dif- ferent terms by filling in investment amounts for more than one term on your subscription agreement. However, we may not always sell notes with all of the above terms.

Interest Rate. The rate of interest we will offer to pay you on notes at any particular time will vary based upon market conditions, and will be determined by the length of the term of the notes, the total principal amount of all notes


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