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Redemption By Us. We have the right to redeem any note at any time prior to its stated maturity upon 30 days written notice to the holder of the note. The holder of the note being redeemed will be paid a redemp- tion price equal to the outstanding principal amount thereof plus but accrued and unpaid interest up to but not including the date of redemption without any penalty or premium. We may use any criteria we choose to de- termine which notes we will redeem if we choose to do so. We are not required to redeem notes on a pro rata basis.

Repurchase Election Upon Death Or Total Permanent Disability. Notes may be repurchased prior to maturity, in whole and not in part, at the election of a holder who is a natural person (including notes held in an individual retirement account), by giving us written notice within 45 days following the holder’s total perma- nent disability, as established to our satisfaction, or at the election of the holder’s estate, by giving written no- tice within 45 days following his or her death. Subject to the limitations described below, we will repurchase the notes within 10 days after the later to occur of the request for repurchase or the establishment to our satis- faction of the holder’s death or total permanent disability. The repurchase price, in the event of such a death or total permanent disability, will be the principal amount of the notes, plus interest accrued and not previously paid up to but not including the date of repurchase. If spouses are joint registered holders of a note, the right to elect to have us repurchase will apply when either registered holder dies or suffers a total permanent disability. If the note is held jointly by two or more persons who are not legally married, none of these persons will have the right to request that we repurchase the notes unless all joint holders have either died or suffered a total permanent disability. If the note is held by a person who is not a natural person such as a trust, partnership, corporation or other similar entity, the right to request repurchase upon death or total permanent disability does not apply.

Repurchase At Request of Holder. We have agreed not to repurchase any notes other than upon ma- turity, or upon the death or total permanent disability of the holder. We agreed to that prohibition (subject to the exceptions stated) in order to issue and sell secured notes in the original principal amount of $10 million, subsequently increased to an aggregate principal amount of $30 million, pursuant to a Securities Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) between us and Levine Leichtman Capital Partners IV, L.P. (“LLCP”), dated June 30, 2008 and as subsequently amended. Under the SPA, LLCP has purchased from us notes representing our se- nior secured debt. The general prohibition on our repurchase of the notes offered by this prospectus is one of several provisions of the SPA that are designed to protect LLCP as our creditor.

Limitations on Requirements to Repurchase. Our obligation to repurchase notes prior to maturity for any reason will be subject to a calendar quarter limit equal to the greater of $1 million of aggregate principal amount for all holders or 2% of the total principal amount of all notes outstanding at the end of the previous ca- lendar quarter. This limit includes any notes we repurchase upon death or total permanent disability of the holder, and would apply even in the absence of our contractual prohibition on repurchases, noted above.

Modifications to Repurchase Policy. We may modify the policies on repurchase in the future. No modification will affect the right of repurchase applicable to any note outstanding at the time of any such mod- ification.

Transfers. The notes are not negotiable debt instruments and, subject to certain exceptions, will be issued on- ly in book-entry form. The purchase confirmation issued upon our acceptance of a subscription is not a certificated se- curity or negotiable instrument, and no rights of record ownership can be transferred without our prior written consent. Ownership of notes may be transferred on the note register only as follows:

  • The holder must deliver us written notice requesting a transfer signed by the holder(s) or such hold- er’s duly authorized representative on a form to be supplied by us.

  • We must provide our written consent to the proposed transfer.

  • We may require a legal opinion from counsel satisfactory to us that the proposed transfer will not vi- olate any applicable securities laws.

  • We may require a signature guarantee in connection with such transfer.

Upon transfer of a note, we will provide the new holder of the note with a purchase confirmation that will evidence the transfer of the account on our records. We may charge a reasonable service charge in connection with the transfer of any note.


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