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Three and Six Month Renewable Unsecured Subordinated Notes One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Ten Year ... - page 33 / 40





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  • the end of the period commencing on the date the trustee receives written notice of default from a holder of the senior debt and ending on the earlier of

    • the trustee’s receipt of a valid waiver of default from the holder of senior debt; or

    • the trustee’s receipt of a written notice from the holder of senior debt terminating the pay-

ment blockage period.

Provided, however, that if any of the blockage events described above has occurred and 179 days have passed since the trustee’s receipt of the notice of default without the occurrence of the cure, waiver or termination of all blockage periods described above, the trustee may thereafter sue on and enforce the indenture and the notes as long as any funds paid as a result of any such suit or enforcement action shall be paid toward the senior debt until it is indefeasibly paid in full before being applied to the notes.

No Collateral Security; No Sinking Fund. The notes are unsecured, which means that none of our tangible or in- tangible assets or property, nor any of the assets or property of any of our subsidiaries, has been set aside or reserved to make payment to the holders of the notes in the event that we default on our obligations to the holders. In addition, we will not contribute funds to any separate account, commonly known as a sinking fund, to repay principal or interest due on the notes upon maturity or default. See “Risk Factors – Risk Factors Relating to the Notes – Because the notes will have no sinking fund, security, insurance or guarantee, you may lose all or a part of your investment in the notes if we do not have enough cash to pay the notes.”

Restrictive Covenants. The indenture contains certain limited restricted covenants that restrict us from certain ac- tions as set forth below.

The indenture provides that, so long as the notes are outstanding:

  • we will not declare or pay any dividends or other payments of cash or other property solely in respect of our capital stock to our stockholders (other than a dividend paid in shares of our capital stock on a pro rata basis to all our stockholders) unless no default and no event of default with respect to the notes exists or would exist immediately following the declaration or payment of the dividend or other payment;

  • to the extent legally permissible, we will not at any time insist upon, plead, or in any manner what- soever claim or take the benefit or advantage of, any stay, extension or usury law wherever enacted, now or at any time hereafter in force, which may affect the covenants or the performance of the inden- ture; and

  • neither our board of directors nor our shareholders will adopt a plan of liquidation that provides for, contemplates or the effectuation of which is preceded by (a) the sale, lease, conveyance or other dis- position of all or substantially all of our assets, otherwise than (i) substantially as an entirety, or (ii) in a qualified sales and financing transaction, and (b) the distribution of all or substantially all of the proceeds of such sale, lease, conveyance or other disposition and of our remaining assets to the hold- ers of our capital stock, unless, prior to making any liquidating distribution pursuant to such plan, we make provision for the satisfaction of our obligations under the renewable unsecured subordinated notes.

We are not restricted from entering into qualified sale and financing transactions or incurring additional indebted- ness. See “Risk Factors – Risk Factors Relating to the Notes – Because there are limited restrictions on our activities under the Indenture, you will have only limited protection under the indenture.”

Consolidation, Merger or Sale. The indenture generally permits a consolidation or merger between us and another entity. It also permits the sale or transfer by us of all or substantially all of our property and assets. These transactions are permitted if:

  • the resulting or acquiring entity, if other than us, is a United States corporation, limited liability com- pany or limited partnership and assumes all of our responsibilities and liabilities under the indenture, including the payment of all amounts due on the notes and performance of the covenants in the inden- ture; and

  • immediately after the transaction, and giving effect to the transaction, no event of default under the indenture exists.


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