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powers under the indenture at the request of any holder of notes, unless the holder shall have offered to the trustee secu- rity and indemnity satisfactory to it against any loss, liability or expense.

Resignation or Removal of the Trustee. The trustee may resign at any time, or may be removed by the holders of a majority of the aggregate principal amount of the outstanding notes. In addition, upon the occurrence of contingencies relating generally to the insolvency of the trustee or the trustee’s ineligibility to serve as trustee under the Trust Inden- ture Act of 1939, as amended, we may remove the trustee. However, no resignation or removal of the trustee may be- come effective until a successor trustee has accepted the appointment as provided in the indenture.

Reports to Trustee. We will provide the trustee with quarterly reports containing any information reasonably re- quested by the trustee. These quarterly reports will include information on each note outstanding during the preceding quarter, including outstanding principal balance, interest credited and paid, transfers made, any redemption or repur- chase and interest rate paid.

No Personal Liability of Our Directors, Officers, Employees and Stockholders. No director, officer, employee, incorporator or stockholder of ours or any servicing agent, will have any liability for any of our obligations under the notes, the indenture or for any claim based on, in respect to, or by reason of, these obligations or their creation. Each holder of the notes waives and releases these persons from any liability, including any liability arising under applicable securities laws. The waiver and release are part of the consideration for issuance of the notes. We have been advised that the waiver may not be effective to waive liabilities under the federal securities laws and it is the view of the SEC that such a waiver is against public policy.

Service Charges. We and our servicing agent may assess service charges for changing the registration of any note to reflect a change in name of the holder, multiple changes in interest payment dates or transfers (whether by operation of law or otherwise) of a note by the holder to another person.

Additional Securities. We may offer additional classes of securities with terms and conditions different from the notes currently being offered in this prospectus. We will amend or supplement this prospectus if and when we decide to offer to the public any additional class of security under this prospectus. If we sell the entire principal amount of notes offered in this prospectus, we may register and sell additional notes by amending this prospectus, but we are under no obligation to do so.

Variations in Terms and Conditions. We may from time to time to vary the terms and conditions of the notes of- fered by this prospectus, including, but not limited to: minimum initial principal investment amount requirements; max- imum aggregate principal amount limits; interest rates; minimum denominations; service and other fees and charges; and redemption provisions. Terms and conditions may be varied by state, locality, principal amount, type of investor — for example, new or current investor — or as otherwise permitted under the indenture governing the securities offered by this prospectus. No change in terms, however, will apply to any notes issued and outstanding.

Interest Withholding. We will withhold 28% of any interest paid to any investor who has not provided us with a social security number, employer identification number, or other satisfactory equivalent in the subscription agreement (or another document) or where the Internal Revenue Service has notified us that backup withholding is otherwise re- quired. Please read “Material Federal Income Tax Consequences – Reporting and Backup Withholding.”

Liquidity. There is not currently a trading market for the notes, and we do not expect that a trading market for the notes will develop.

Satisfaction and Discharge of Indenture. The indenture shall cease to be of further effect upon the payment in full of all of the outstanding notes and the delivery of an officer’s certificate to the trustee stating that we do not intend to issue additional notes under the indenture or, with certain limitations, upon deposit with the trustee of funds sufficient for the payment in full of all of the outstanding notes.

Reports. We currently publish annual reports containing financial statements and quarterly reports containing fi- nancial information for the first three quarters of each fiscal year. We will send copies of these reports, at no charge, to any holder of notes who sends a written request to:

Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. 19500 Jamboree Road Irvine, California 92612 Attention: Corporate Secretary (949) 753-6800


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