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business conducted by that person and we are provided a properly executed IRS Form W-8ECI. They will, however, generally be subject to the regular United States income tax. If you are a non-U.S. corporation, that portion of your earnings and profits that is effectively connected with your U.S. trade or business also may be subject to a "branch prof- its tax" at a 30% rate, although an applicable income tax treaty may provide for lower rate.

Reporting and Backup Withholding

We will report annually to the Internal Revenue Service and to holders of record that are not excepted from the re- porting requirements any information that may be required with respect to interest or OID on the notes.

Under certain circumstances, as a holder of a note, you may be subject to “backup withholding” at a 28% rate. Backup withholding may apply to you if you are a United States person and, among other circumstances, you fail to furnish on IRS Form W-9 or a substitute Form W-9 your Social Security number or other taxpayer identification num- ber to us. Backup withholding may apply, under certain circumstances, if you are a non-U.S. person and fail to provide us with the statement necessary to establish an exemption from federal income and withholding tax on interest on the note. Backup withholding, however, does not apply to payments on a note made to certain exempt recipients, such as corporations and tax-exempt organizations, and to certain non-U.S. persons. Backup withholding is not an additional tax and may be refunded or credited against your United States federal income tax liability, provided that you furnish cer- tain required information.

This federal tax discussion is included for general information only and may not be applicable depending upon your particular situation. You are urged to consult your own tax advisor with respect to the specific tax consequences to you of the ownership and disposition of the notes, including the tax consequences under state, local, foreign and other tax laws and the possible effects of changes in federal or other tax laws.

New Legislation

On March 18, 2010, the President signed into law the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act of 2010, which imposes a U.S. withholding tax of a 30% rate on interest and proceeds of sale in respect of our notes received by U.S. holders who own their notes through foreign accounts or foreign intermediaries and certain non-U.S holders if certain due diligence and disclosure requirements related to U.S. accounts or ownership are not satisfied. If payment of with- holding taxes is required, non-U.S. holders that are otherwise eligible for an exemption from, or reduction of, U.S. withholding tax with respect to such interest and proceeds will be required to seek a refund from the IRS to obtain the benefit of such exemption or reduction. We will not pay any additional amounts in respect of any amounts withheld. These new withholding rules are generally effective for notes issued after March 18, 2012.

For taxable years beginning after December 31, 2012, newly enacted legislation is scheduled to impose a 3.8 percent tax on the "net investment income" of certain individuals, and on the undistributed "net investment income" of certain estates and trusts. Among other items, net investment income generally includes gross income from interest, less certain deductions. Prospective investors are urged to consult with their tax advisors regarding the possible implications of this legislation in their particular circumstances.


Except as we may otherwise indicate in the applicable prospectus supplement, we will sell these securities directly, without an underwriter or selling agent, and the securities will be sold by our employees who, under Rule 3a4-1(a) of the Exchange Act, are deemed not to be brokers. In accordance with the provisions of Rule 3a4-1(a), our employees who sell securities will not be compensated by commission, will not be associated with any broker or dealer and will limit their activities so that, among other things, they do not engage in oral solicitations of, and comply with certain specified limitations when responding to inquiries from, potential purchasers.

We plan to market the notes directly to the public and to our existing noteholders through newspaper, radio, inter- net, direct mail and other advertising. We may engage an unaffiliated third party (a “servicing agent”) to manage certain administrative and customer service functions relating to the notes, including handling all inquiries from potential inves- tors, mailing investment kits, meeting with investors, processing subscription agreements and responding to all written and telephonic questions relating to the notes. We may elect to perform these duties ourselves.

We will bear the expenses incurred in connection with the offer and sale of the notes, including document fulfill- ment expenses, legal and accounting fees, regulatory fees, due diligence expenses and marketing costs. No one will receive a commission based on notes sold or renewed.


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