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Adopted turtles of CCC members nest at Tortuguero in 1999 season

From July to September each year, Caribbean Conservation Corporation researchers and program participants tag and collect data on the green turtles that nest on the beaches of Tortuguero, Costa Rica. To help fund this important research, each tagged turtle is available for adoption with a $25 contribution ($35 outside of the U.S.). One of the goals of the Adopt-A-Turtle program is to keep adoptive "parents" informed when their adopted turtles turn up in Tortuguero.

During the 1999 tagging season, 41 of the thousands of green turtles that came ashore to nest had been adopted by our members. The turtles (identified by tag number) that came ashore were:

No. 17035, adopted by Laurel Peterson No. 30319, adopted by Kate Wickham No. 34441, adopted by Jessica Czajkowski No. 38817, adopted by Kaity Palmer No. 39749, adopted by Nicholas Deprez No. 46088, adopted by Elena Daelli No. 46229, adopted by Beryl Wade No. 53731, adopted by The Ewing Family No. 54751, adopted by Dafna Rothschild No. 59052, adopted by Leah McCloskey No. 59056, adopted by Barbara Born No. 59063, adopted by Mrs. Prchal's Science Class No. 59152, adopted by Ann Douglass No. 59391, adopted by Geoff Houghton & Caressa Gullickson No. 59472, adopted by Maggie Hamilton No. 59506, adopted by Jennifer Landry No. 59567, adopted by Terri Mitchell No. 59646, adopted by Jo Ellen Williams No. 70628, adopted by Oralia Zuniga-Briggs No. 70696, adopted by Andrea Ferguson No. 71209, adopted by Beatriz Martin

No. 71297, adopted by Claudia Jenni No. 71341, adopted by Geoffrey & Maureen Wicks No. 71443, adopted by Victoria Goodwin No. 71615, adopted by Jennifer Rutkowski No. 72042, adopted by Ruthanne Ross No. 72147, adopted by Brittney & Matthew Acel No. 72331, adopted by Danielle Flareau No. 72393, adopted by Gary Hart No. 72500, adopted by Matthew Rochell No. 72565, adopted by Taka Holmes No. 72655, adopted by Susan Tertell No. 72795, adopted by Carolyn Szabo No. 73209, adopted by Tammy Eby No. 73450, adopted by Virginia Fischer No. 73550, adopted by Abby Martin No. 73832, adopted by Cora Chisholm No. 74100, adopted by Manary Family No. 74125, adopted by Nico Beccalli No. 75166, adopted by Pamela Winn No. 75419, adopted by Christopher Gibbs

We also have good news for our members who adopted Myrtle, a green turtle available for adoption in our 1994 adopt-a-turtle program. Myrtle was also spotted nesting at Tortuguero in 1999.

Since sea turtles only nest every two to three years, we don't expect to see these particular turtles again in Tortuguero for awhile. To learn more about the Adopt-A-Turtle program or to adopt a turtle for yourself or as a gift, please call 1-800-678-7853.

The Sea Turtle Survival League to promote

coastal awareness in five Florida counties!

The Sea Turtle Survival League will begin a Sea Turtle and Coastal Awareness Campaign incorporating the successful “Do Not Disturb” Door Hanger Tags that were distributed in Palm Beach County in 1998. The campaign will help promote a greater understanding of the relationship between inappropriate development in five of Florida's coastal counties and the loss and degradation of both the coastal dune ecosystem and sea turtle nesting habitat.

Florida’s natural coastal regions are being put under more and more pressure as the population in coastal cities and towns continues to grow in size and requires additional resources. Coastal areas contain

some of the most fragile ecosystems in Florida and provide habitat to many threatened and endangered animal species. STSL will be working with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society in Brevard County, Turtle Time, Inc. in Lee County, Anna Marie Island Turtle Patrol in Manatee County, Mote Marine Laboratories and Coastal Wildlife Club, Inc. in Sarasota County, and the Volusia Turtle Patrol in Volusia County. The campaign will produce educational materials and initiate a "coastal friendly" awards program for the five counties. For more information about the awards program, please contact Dan Evans at drevans@cccturtle.org or call (352) 373-6441.


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