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VELADOR {bel.a.dor}

In Caribbean cultures, Velador

translates as "one who stands vigil" — originally referring to turtle and egg harvesters who waited at night for turtles to come ashore. Now CCC claims this title for its newsletter, and in Tortuguero, CCC's researchers and volunteers are replacing poachers as the new veladors.

Velador is published quarterly for members and supporters of the nonprofit Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC) and its Sea Turtle Survival League (STSL) program.

CCC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles through research, training, advocacy, education and the protection of natural areas.

STSL is the US-based public awareness, advocacy and education

program of the CCC.

Executive Director David Godfrey

Director of International Programs Cindy Taft

Coordinator of Project Development Sue Ellen Smith

Sea Turtle Survival League Education Coordinator Dan Evans

Sea Turtle Survival League Advocacy Coordinator Gary Appelson

Controller Pat McCloskey

Office Manager Kim Allen

Membership Coordinator Cristina Escobar

Costa Rica Staff

In-Country Director Roxana Silman

Research Coordinator Sebastian Troëng

John H. Phipps Biological Field Station Manager

Fredy Piedra

Museum & Visitor Center Coordinator

Grethel Zamora

Caribbean Conservation Corporation 4424 NW 13th Street, Suite A-1 Gainesville, Florida 32609 Phone: (352) 373-6441 Fax: (352) 375-2449 E-mail: ccc@cccturtle.org

Web Page: www.cccturtle.org

Printed on 100% Recycled, Non-Bleached Paper

International Sea Turtle Update

Fifth international short course on marine turtle biology & conservation

hanks to generous financial support from the Dutch Government through Trust Funds managed by the World Bank, CCC was able to again offer an intensive two-week training course in marine turtle biology and conservation at the John H. Phipps Biological Field Station at Tortuguero from October 9-24, 1999. The 1999 course was the Arcadio Castillo of Kuna Yala, Panama (at left), attempts to find a marked nest following the directions of Sebastian Troëng. fifth such course that CCC has hosted at Tortuguero since 1989. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network (WIDECAST) collaborated with CCC in organizing and implementing the course, which was intended to benefit Central Americans. All instruction was provided in Spanish. Recovery Program/Turtle Island Recovery Network); Cathi Campbell, M.Sc. (Doctoral candidate/University of Florida); Didiher Chacón, M.Sc. (ANAI and Regional Network for the Conservation of Sea Turtles in Central America); Eduardo Chamorro (Admin- istrator, Tortuguero National Park); Fernando Estrada (Tortuguero resi- dent, tour guide for Tortuga Lodge); Laura McCarthy (Peace Corps Volunteer/Nicaragua); Enrique Obando (Tortuguero resident and businessman, former president of Tortuguero Development Association, newly elected president of Tortuguero Tour Guide Association); Cindy Taft, M.Sc. (CCC — International Programs Director); and, Sebastian Troëng, M.Sc. (CCC – Tortuguero Turtle The principal instructor was Dr. Cynthia Lagueux, Associate Conserva- tion Zoologist of the Wildlife Conser- vation Society, and the assistant instructor was Ana Barragán, M.Sc., of the Marine Turtle Laboratory of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Additional instruc- tion was provided by the following guest instructors and speakers: Randall Arauz (Regional Sea Turtle Programs Field Coordina-


The course participants practiced carapace measuring techniques on the model turtle in the CCC visitors center.

Fourteen trainees from Central American nations were selected and received full support to attend the course. Trainee backgrounds were diverse, but each attendee lives in a coastal area and is directly involved with some aspect of marine turtle management and/or use.

see Short Course on page 9

Winter 2000


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