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Kiwi SCORE Goings-on By Graeme Hansen

NZ being precisely 180 degrees around the other side of the world from the United Kingdom means that when you guys are planning your up and coming events we are making the most of our last few weeks of sunny weather and getting out topless (yes, we do that down under as well!) as often as we can.

February and March are our most predictable months weather wise. The following is what we Kiwis got up too during these months:

February 10th Classic Car Charity Fun Run February 11th Inter Marque Concourse d'Elegance February 6th Track Day at Taupo March 4th Whitford to Miranda Run

Classic Car Charity Fun Run This is run in conjunction with the Concourse D’Elegance and is the NZ biggest classic car run with several hundred classics cruising the streets of Auckland together. Due to the large number of cars the event is split up into a number of different runs travelling to various different scenic spots.

Inter Marque Concourse D’Elegance Most of the major classic car clubs as well as local luxury and performance car dealerships exhibit here along with the smaller car clubs like us. The day is made up of club displays, gymkhana, judging for the top club and finally judging the top car.

Track Day at Taupo This was a casual race day for anyone with a wish to take their street or race car out on the same track as the A1 Grand Prix cars had raced on a couple of weeks prior. The weather was perfect and my Cap was accompanied by 2 Mazda MX5s, My son and I spent the whole day racing both club circuit cars and performance street cars like hot Honda S2000s and Porsche GT3s.

Here’s an amusing posting a friend found on a Toyota website about the same track day, the author has the kw’s slightly out, standard Caps have more like 46kw and Typhoon Falcons 279kw.

For those of you that were not there, here’s the funny story, bear with me.. The guy with the Falcon Typhoon that played most of the day with the little Suzuki. I can’t remember what it was: a 660 cc engine with turbo, sort of David and Goliath if you looked at them together but they were so evenly matched on that track, lap after lap and not able to pull away from each other. The muscle on the straights of the Falcon and the handling of the Suzuki I thought the tight stuff made some good and very even playing, Anyway we were chatting at the end of the day and the Suzuki owner asked the Falcon owner how much power he had under the bonnet; the Falcon owner proudly said: “ I have 260kw and it does go very well.” Then Mr Falcon asked: “And how much do you have? It’s a male thing.” “Ah well,” said Mr Suzuki with a very big smile on his face. “I have 40kw. Well you can’t look at anything and say it’s slow, as they say the B/S stops when the flag drops.“ Gary Stirling from ‘PlayDay on Track’.

Whitford to Miranda Run With only 34 Cappuccinos distributed from the top to the bottom of NZ’s two main islands and less


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