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was last time, a section of Armco was being repaired, which means you have to slow to 30kph for that section, so no flying laps were possible. Someone must have had an off earlier in the day. Mmmm… Cost of repairing Armco = around £3000 + cost of repairing GT3 = Ouch!

We finished our lap and returned to the car park to find that the lads had missed Clarkson’s record by 6 amazing seconds, but because of the Armco being repaired, they were claiming it and as the weather was improving, we decided to take the lid off. The next 2 laps were great fun, but one of the problems you find is that, because there are spectators everywhere, you tend to drive faster than you normally would so you put on a bit of a show for them, but then you have to remind yourselves that the barriers are never far away. Generally they are around 10 feet away, but in some places are as close as 3 feet.

We took a breather for a while, but as the session had only around 15 minutes left, we decided to use our last lap. By this time, it was raining again, the lid was back on and the track was completely empty. We had the Nurburgring Nordschliefe to ourselves! We soon found out why.

Off we went and everything was fine, sure the back end was a little loose, but that was to be expected. Then we got to Wippermann and Bruennchen, a wonderfully challenging set of fast corners going quite steeply downhill, then up again. Too challenging as it turned out. We got to the bottom of the hill and to the last corner before the short straight and as the wheel was turned, the back end broke away in spectacular fashion. The thought that Yoko A539s are summer tyres shot through my mind, and the fact that we were a long way from home. For a few short few seconds that felt like minutes, we soon became passengers as the car decided whether it wanted to become a German resident or not. With feet off the pedals and some sawing at the wheel, somehow we all ended up pointing in the right direction. Bet the


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