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would imagine. The cockpits though are another matter - the Concorde one was a little dated but the Tupolev’s looks alarmingly agricultural and would not look out of place in a Hercules Transporter.

Day 5 to 7 Guess what?

Realising that we would not now have time to do Bavaria justice and get back for the ferry, we changed our plans and decided to head to the Harz Mountains for a few days, and what a good idea it was. The area is a National Park and is quite small in comparison to most of ours, but makes up for it by being one of the most beautiful and tranquil places you could hope to visit.

We based ourselves in Bad Harzburg which is just on the edge of the Park in the Hotel Tannenhof, just opposite the cable cars to the ruins of Harzburg Castle. The Park is heavily wooded with a sprinkling of lakes and reservoirs and has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere about it.

Our last day in the area was spent visiting the town of Goslar, a mediaeval town which was the seat of government in Northern Germany for many centuries and the home of the Imperial Palace. Visiting there is like stepping back in time as modernisation has been frowned upon and the maze of cobbled streets and alleyways are lined with timber framed houses up to 450 years old.

Day 8 Rain again

All too soon it was time to go home and a 4-Country sprint found us back in Bologne and back on the ferry to Blighty. All in all it was a great holiday. 2684 miles covered and not a missed beat from Lil’ Red.

And to conclude...

If you are the retiring type, do not take your Cappo to Germany. The amount of attention we got was overwhelming, particularly from large Mercedes drivers who would almost crash whilst waving and showing their approval.

Also do not speed over there. They tend to paint their speed cameras green and hide them in trees (as we found out). And by all means get lost as often as possible. We did several times and all we found was great roads, great scenery and great people.

As Bob Cooper once said…if you don’t get lost, you don’t see anything new.


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