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Cappo Makeover By Dewi Long

Let me introduce myself, I’m Dewi Long, and I live with my partner Ben and my daughter Jessica who is fourteen. Originally from South Wales, but now living in Feltham, Middlesex,.

I have had two Cappuccinos over the years, however each time the need for a more practical car has meant that I have had to sell them. Last summer I decided that I would once again buy another one, and I started my search; it was not long before I found a little silver one for sale in the New Forest area. Off I went to have a look, first impressions were good, the car looked ok and well cared for, however on closer inspection it was apparent that it had been involved in an accident, the left hand side looked different and the door did not look right around the door frame.

On my return home I thought that I would check the car out with HPI; not to my surprise it had been involved in an accident three years previous. I knew that I needed more advice and after some searching on the Net, I came across Cappuccino Sport, I contacted them and spoke with Dany, he was so helpful and gave me sound advice on what I could expect and what was involved. To cut a long story short I bought the car for a very much reduced price. On return home I took the car to my local Suzuki dealer in Chiswick, West London and had their body shop take a look at it. Although in real terms the damage was enough for the car to be written off, it was repairable and the damage was considered light. The whole of the left side needed to be replaced; this included the rear wing and inner wing, all LHS sills outer, centre and inner. The Cappuccino is also prone to rust behind the passengers seats, both sides needed to be repaired. Like any project of this kind when you start there is always something else to do! The floor pan LHS was also in need of welding, and the area behind the back bumper was also rusting.

I decided I was now in this project for the long haul. After a lengthy discussion with the body shop owner and with advice from Suzuki I decided that the whole car would need to be checked and any work needed would be carried out. Because of the amount of restoration need, I came to an arrangement with the body shop that they would do what they could when they could and charge me accordingly, as I was in no rush to get the car back. It was already approaching winter and at least it would be under cover. The work on the body was finally completed the week just before Christmas, but I had already decided that more was to be done. I wanted to fit a rear spoiler and after some help from another SCORE member I got in touch with a really helpful guy called Paul from a company called E-Styling (www.e-styling.co.uk); he was very helpful and supplied an Audi TT rear spoiler, and did it look good, fitted my little Cappu boot like it was made for it!. Again the car returned to the body shop to have it fitted, to be Wax Oiled and to have the roof sprayed silver to match the rest of the car.


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