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owning it and if so I could have it for that price. He wanted the car to go to me rather than the other interested person so after a few moments I said YES as the money saved would go on the insurance. To save further on the insurance my father agreed to insure the car in his name and have me on the policy as the second driver, saving a fortune and making a big difference.

I still remember the day when I went to collect her. It was a cold and damp November day but as we pulled into the street where it was parked, everything brightened up. I couldn’t wait to get her home. After signing all the paperwork and learning how to work the alarm and immobiliser, we were off on the road, heading to Wakefield.

With my dad in his 1954 Morris Minor, I was following closely behind in my silver beauty grinning like a Cheshire cat, trying not to get lost and find our way back onto the motorway heading back home. All of a sudden I noticed the car was short on fuel so I pulled off at the nearest services to fill up, but “how do I open the filler cap?” I thought. After flicking through the manual I discovered where the lever was located, filled up then headed back.

I have now owned my Cappuccino for about five years - it has been a great car. It is a 1994 M reg silver Cappo and over the years I have repaired the sills, fitted a stainless steel exhaust, fitted new discs and pads, waxoil her annually to prevent any further rusting as I use the car on a regular basis. It is rather unfortunate she is kept outside on the drive so I try to wash and polish her every so often to keep her looking nice.

Recently I have treated the Cappo to some new parts, they are all genuine Suzuki extras which I got direct from Japan. Now she looks the business and stands out when compared to other Cappuccinos especially when I take her to shows and SCORE events. The parts include front and rear mud flaps, lower sill protection, stainless steel step guard set and a walnut dashboard kit. I have also changed the wheels for 15”Wolf race hybrid shadow chrome alloys which look great.

I am happy to say that I don’t work at the biscuit factory anymore. Instead, along with my brother, we run a business as full-time clowns and perform events all over the world entertaining children. You may have seen our advert in this and previous magazines... we’re called Izzo and Malteser, the Rapide Brothers. Visit our website to see what we get up to: www.rapidebrothers.com. When I informed the insurance company about the change in my occupation they then asked if I use my Cappuccino for work! I said, “Don’t be silly, have you seen the size of the boot? You can hardly fit a pair of normal shoes in there, never mind my clown shoes, at size 24!”


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