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ourselves with a modest surplus of £163.

Merchandise maintained its previous contribution, and expenditure on events has been reduced, the result being a combination of the 2006 AGM expenses partially offset by a modest profit from the Annual Rally.

Some care is needed in appreciating the figures. For instance, Overseas Income reflects cash transferred from overseas accounts, and not the totality of membership fees from overseas. This is due to a number of overseas members paying by PayPal, or to our UK bank, and their subscriptions do not appear under the Overseas heading.

For the future, we will have to consider how to tailor our budget to the reduced income flow. As we have no AGM this year, we can aim to break even on events, and consider maintaining the reduction in magazine production costs to balance the books. As is reported in the Membership section, we also need to consider whether our current £25 annual fee is too high to arrest the decline in membership.


This is my first full year looking after the stock of merchandise, a job I took on due to a lack of interest from anyone else. Although it takes up little of my time it’s time that we are all short of, so I do my best to get the orders away within a reasonable time.

This year we have only fulfilled 40 orders which is a downturn in orders taken. Granted orders taken and filled at meetings only count a single transaction. The only new addition to the stock are the new SCORE lapel badges which Martin had made as a promotion for the Annual Rally (I will get around to putting them on the web ASAP)

I was amazed at how much space it takes up and the amount of irreplaceable original sales material which we can never replace. These items often find their way on to Ebay for quite large sums which always makes me chuckle. When we sell them for less than the starting price, I have seen our key rings sell for £20 + postage.

We need to spend some money this year on replacing some items which have sold out: baseball caps, car mats and 1:64 models in red. The car mats have become a problem as our supplier has doubled the price for supply so I am looking around for another without losing any of the quality, as it is generally felt that we should have them in stock even if they are more expensive. I have an ordered some more of the 1:64 models in red as they sold out as soon as they arrived. I still have some silver ones.

I am amazed that more people don’t have things like a large wall poster and other sales material. I have 2 wall posters on my garage wall, they look great @ £1.50 each, granted the other sales items look good when you come to sell your Cappo but will they still be available when you need them? With Christmas looming up, take a look online or in this magazine and give your Cappo an early present!

It’s always nice to get new ideas from members on what they would like to see us stock but we do have to consider the cost of holding and minimum order quantity requirements as well as demand for any item before placing a purchase order. One item I would like to have is a good quality rally coat in a bright colour with Suzuki splashes and the Cappo and SCORE logo.


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