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Despite a number of developments to give the SCORE web site more functionality and to generally improve presentation, Message Board statistics indicate a lower level of usage we have previously seen - I refer you to the following statistics, with the previous year’s figures in parentheses.

Number of Users: 241 (276) Users per day: 0.11 (0.16)

Posts per day: 17.32 (19.54) Topics per day: 1.22 (1.29)

A good sprinkling of photos were posted to the albums, The site continues to attract visitors in fairly large numbers due, at least in part, to its prominence in search engine results.

The most significant addition to the web site is SCORE Motoring NEWS, a bespoke RSS reader service containing an index of carefully researched links to motoring news providers around the world. Since the introduction of the SCORE Motoring NEWS during October 2006, the index has been kept up to date in response to reports of broken links which occur periodically as news providers have revised their RSS policies and/or URLs. In September 2007 a major exercise was undertaken to discover further motoring RSS feeds and the index was extended quite considerably to include providers from several more regions of the world. With a bit of black magic, SCORE Motoring NEWS was implemented in such a way that its use is subject to Message Board login, thus avoiding the need for club members to log into this new feature separately. Thus, the major areas of the SCORE Web site are now :

  • a)

    Message Board (including Classifieds and Merchandise forums).

  • b)

    Non message board pages (Information, Membership, Gallery, Classifieds, Merchandise, Site Map).

  • c)


  • d)

    SCORE Motoring News.

  • e)

    Administration areas.

With full credit to Brendan Molony and Alex Clouter, the site now includes back issues of the Latest SCORE magazine from Issue 1 onwards. Considerable time was spent in converting the magazines into Acrobat format, such that they can be downloaded and read in their original format anywhere in the world. Another feature was added, which allows the SCORE Administrator to generate at the press of a button an Events List which is then emailed to Message Board users and can be posted via Royal Mail to the small percentage of SCORE members who are not registered on the Board. This feature, which builds on a facility constructed to allow the Message Board membership to be audited against the membership database, has been implemented in such a way that similar, automatically-generated output may be added in the future.

Effort was also needed to be expended on features which are largely invisible to regular users of the Board. Such features were required predominantly for site security and administration purposes. In July 2007, the SCORE web site was moved by our providers from one server to another. This was undertaken by prior arrangement with the SCORE webmaster such that the message board could be disabled to prevent new posts during the transfer. Down time was approximately 24 hours, but maybe more for some users due to the need to wait for the new server's DNS address to propagate to all corners of the Internet. The new server continues to perform well.

42 Classifieds adverts were added during the reporting period, 24 of which have been transferred to the


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