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Classifieds Archive. Of the 28 current Classifieds adverts, 16 were added during the reporting period, the remainder being still current from previous period(s). It is for consideration whether Classifieds adverts should be subject to automatic archiving, e.g. after 3 months. This would reduce Webmaster workload in maintaining the Classifieds forum.

Non Message Board page reviews were conducted throughout the year. The review process was greatly assisted by the Reviews Schedule introduced in 2006 (with recent additions, see above), thus providing a high degree of assurance that information on the web site does not become stale. The most frequently updated pages in 2007 were the Regional Events gallery index for the current year (in response to new photo albums of SCORE events), and the SCORE Around the World page, which reflects the current membership. In addition to routine page reviews a request was made by our Australia Rep, Ernst Luthi, that the web site should make it clearer that SCORE is international. In response, a row of international flags with the words "SCORE is a Worldwide club" have been added to the footers of all non Message Board pages, which are greatly enhanced by the resultant splash of colour.

Small changes and additions include the following :

  • a)

    Fusebox layout: A page depicting the Cappuccino fusebox cover was added to the Manuals

  • b)

    Gallery arena: The structure of the Gallery arena was revised to eliminate the "International Events"

section. This brings the gallery into line with the club's official regional designations, which comprise UK and non-UK regions. c) Classifieds Scams: A page was added to alert Classifieds advertiser to the possibility and nature of scams by bogus buyers. d) Classifieds Status field: "Status" has been converted from a free text field to a pull down menu, thus constraining users to a limited set of possibilities, keeping with this field's originally intended purpose. e) Registration form instructions: Due to a reasonably high proportion of incorrectly completed Message Board registrations, text on the registration page was revised in an attempt to increase likelihood of first- time registration success. f) Profile Email Note: A note was added to the members' Profile page reminding them of the need to keep SCORE informed on change of email address. This attempts to minimise the tendency for us to lose contact with members as our records become stale.

Parts Quiz - Results from the last magazine By Nicholas Logothetis

There are 12 lamps for the E1 Model and 13 for the E2 (UK) Model: Headlamp x 2; front turn signal x 2; side turn signal x 2; cabin x 1; rear combination x 2; high mount stop x 1; licence plate x 1; back-up x 1; rear fog x 1 (E2 Model)

There are 9 caps under the bonnet: brake fluid reservoir, oil filler, timing belt cover, radiator, water reserve tank, thermostat, shock absorbers (x2) and distributor

There are 2 parts with the Suzuki ‘S’ emblem: bonnet emblem and steering wheel pad (not BA model)

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