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Sneaza By Dave Crompton

Having been asked to write a piece for upcoming issue on Mods done to my Cap, I was thinking about what I could write ??. As we all know that ‘every picture tells a story’ and with the amount I’ve placed on the SCORE site, we should be half way through this issue…..

My eldest daughter bought the car, couldn’t get the manual gear change happening before her driving test, passed in my Auto FTO, decided this was easier, so I ended up with the Cap. I said I was going to sell it………that was two years ago. The car was in relatively good condition, no major rust issues, and apart from the mods already on the car, this was keeping me content……..for now.

Enter a Performance Magazine, not really picked one up since the ‘Hot Rod’ mags I used to buy when I was a teen, seems a lifetime ago, anyway, I quickly discovered that the Noise maker was called a ‘Blow Off Valve’, and expensive by all accounts, that the little ’Black Spherical’ thing was just a ‘Boost Controller’, hence the Gauge stuck to the A-Pillar, and that the odd Cylindrical thing attached to the pipe facing down, was a Pod Filter. It also came with Chrome Rims and best of all…..I didn’t have to PAY FOR ANY OF THEM………. I found the SCORE website, and the Cappo world opened up. Later on I found CappuccinoSport, great contact.

The car draws a lot of attention wherever we go. The only thing initially I changed was the Sound System…….Needed better speaker placement………but I’m getting ahead of myself. I very quickly found out that in fact there are absolutely NO SPARES in Australia for the Cappuccino. I scoured the multitude of Wrecking Yards, across the country……nothing. In a Magazine, I found Universal odds and sods, suppliers, etc….. I decided after seeing what other people have done, I would have to enhance the car.

First, the number plate, SNEAZA, then the Stereo System. MDF box Black carpet 2x 6” Speakers put it on parcel shelf……brilliant. Then made the mistake of attending a ‘Car Show’, and the rest just kept coming, much to my wife’s dismay. Got rid of the Intercooler, Bought a larger one, Fabricated the way I wanted the pipes to be, took them to my local exhaust shop….perfect. Also had to re-model the air con. pipework, as I wanted to retain this and it worked well. Added with the help of another SCORE Member, Dave Mochnic, an oil catch can, This extracts the oil blowing through the pipes….and it doesn’t look healthy when it gets emptied. I had an annoying knocking noise, which I was told by a mechanic, was my diff. Another call to Dave and the diff was sorted but as I removed the rear end, it turned out to be rear mounts,.. a common problem; after I purchased these from Dany, fitted, No more problem.

Decided on some Dress-ups, so I took a few bits to get Chromed……..and the rest will be done shortly. I


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