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Region 12 GREG STEWART - 01224 899 896 - gregsy1@aol.com Covering Scotland.

Region 14 DANNY SKEHAN - +35 31 833 7113 - danske@iol.ie Covering Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Region 15 MARCEL SPOELSTRA - +31 204 82 65 55 - spoelstra@planet.nl Covering Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands.

Region 17 SONJA LUTHI - +61 298 797 069 - sonja.luthi@au1.ibm.com Covering Australia.

Region 18 GRAEME HANSEN - +64 95 342 791- kiwiscore@xtra.co.nz Covering New Zealand.

The SCORE Reps above are club members who have volunteered to be your local point for information and possibly get involved or advise in running events. If you are keen to do an event, please get in touch with your local SCORE Rep. Should you live in an area where there is a vacant position and want to become a SCORE Rep please call 01276 503 630 or email info@score.org.uk.

What do we expect from a SCORE Rep? They must have the Cappuccino blood inside as well as be a ‘people person’. As an ambassador of the club all we ask is that the SCORE Rep keeps in touch with existing members through an event or two and welcome new members when they join. That’s all we ask, as we know that the role is voluntary. In return we will cover things like expenses in organising things as well as provide a listing of members living in the designated region. The sort of local activities which have been popular with SCORE members includes convoy runs, treasure hunts, pub meets, ten pin bowling and visiting places of interest. Of course there could be other things but there’s nothing like getting feedback from members. If you want to be a SCORE Rep, please make contact with Ian Linden on 01276 503 630 or ian@score.org.uk

Club events can be publicised in a number of ways. There’s the Events Forum on the website as soon as a date and event has been planned. Some SCORE Reps have developed newsletters to send out to their members in their designated region on a regular basis. The club will make a contribution towards any expenses for mailings like postage and copying. It is important to use the normal post (not everyone is on email, or if they are, they may not use it regularly) as well as the website in order to promote events.

It is a unique experience organising and taking part in a club event - it is also a great chance to meet others and socialise, see lots of other Cappuccinos as too often one rarely sees another, share some very useful tips and advice and, above all, have fun by driving together. Interested..? Contact Ian now!


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