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Membership Benefits

There was an online discussion between members of the Steering Group during the summer, reviewing the Associate membership grade and its benefits. This followed the interest of a Suzuki X-90 owner keen to join SCORE and participate more on the website. After an exchange of comments, the majority view was that Associate Members can have online privileges similar to Full Members. What follows is an update of all membership grades and relating benefits.

10% discount on parts, servicing and accessories through Suzuki SCORE Dealers. UK only Full Members

Special promotional offers from companies and their products supporting SCORE. Full and Affiliate Members

Our regular bi-annual ‘The Latest SCORE’ magazine Full and Associate Members

SCORE Message Board privileges - posting messages on forums,, technical FAQ, service/parts manuals and accessory documentation, private messaging, chat and lots more! Full, Affiliate and Associate Members

Free placement of Cappuccino-related classified adverts. Full, Affiliate and Associate Members

Opportunity of coming along to specially organised meetings across the UK and overseas. Full, Affiliate and Associate Members

The chance to purchase from the SCORE Store - club and Cappuccino merchandise - at reduced prices. Full, Affiliate and Associate Members

Membership subscriptions are on a rolling 12-month basis, from the first month of membership.

FULL MEMBERSHIP Only Suzuki Cappuccino owners can become Full Members. For those who have played a substantial role in SCORE and still wish to do so even though they may have parted with their Cappuccino may, at the discretion of the SG, remain Full Members. Associate Members who acquire Cappuccinos become Full Members upon notifying the Membership Secretary. UK: £25 Overseas: £23/37 Euros/$56 AUS/$63 NZ

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP Any car enthusiast (UK or overseas) wanting to join SCORE. When Associate Members acquire Cappuccinos they can become Full Members upon notifying the Membership Secretary. UK: £25 Overseas: £23/37 Euros/$56 AUS/$63 NZ

AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP Only Cappuccino owners who are members of overseas Cappuccino clubs can become Affiliate Members, subject to an arrangement between the clubs. Overseas: £15/22 Euros


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