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1995Platform Technologies and National Industrial Networks (with Bruce Kogut, Wei-jian Shan and Dong-Jae Kim), in The Internationalization of Corporate Technology Strategies, J. Hagedoorn, ed.

1994Asset Choice and Supplier Performance in Two Organizations - US and Japanese, Organization Science, 5: 583-593

1994Interfirm Cooperation and Startup Innovation in the Biotechnology Industry, (with Bruce Kogut and Wei-jian Shan), Strategic Management Journal, 15:387-394 (also published in the Academy of Management Proceeedings, 1993)

1993Knowledge in the Network and the Network as Knowledge: The Structure of the Biotechnology and Semiconductor Industries, (with Bruce Kogut and Wei-jian Shan) in The Embedded Firm: On the Socioeconomics of Industrial Networks, Gernot Grabher (ed.) London: Routledge.

1992Make or Cooperate: A Study of Embeddedness in the Biotechnology Industry (with Bruce Kogut and Wei-jan Shan), in Network Organizations, Robert Eccles and Nitin Nohria, eds. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Business School Press.

1991The Prediction of Managerial Success, (with Bob House and Ann Howard) Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.

1991Profit Centers, Single Source Suppliers and Transaction Costs, (with Laura Poppo), Administrative Science Quarterly, March. (reprinted in Information Technology and the Corporation of the 1990s : Research Studies, Thomas J. Allen and Michael S. Scott Morton, (eds.) New York : Oxford University Press, 1994)

1988Strategic Sourcing, Vertical Integration and Transaction Costs, Interfaces, 18(3):62-73.

1987Network Analysis for Interfirm Cooperative Relationships, in Farok Contractor and Peter Lorange (editors), Cooperative Strategies in Multinational Business, Lexington, MA: D. C. Heath.

1987Supplier Competition, Uncertainty and Make or Buy Decisions (with David Weber), Academy of Management Journal, 30(3): 589-596.

1986The Strategy-History Connection: The Case of Exxon (with Allen Kaufman), The Public Historian, 8(2): 23-39.

1985Network Position and Cognition in a Computer Software Firm, Administrative Science Quarterly, March, 30:103-130.

1984The Dynamics of Interorganizational Coordination (with Andrew Van de Ven), Administrative Science Quarterly, December, 29:598-621.

1984A Transaction Cost Approach to Make-or-Buy Decisions (with David Weber), Administrative Science Quarterly, September, 29:373-391. (reprinted in Organizational Sociology, W. Richard Scott (ed.), Brookfield, MA: Dartmouth, 1994)

1980A Longitudinal Examination of Coordination Among Organizations (with Andrew Van de Ven), Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Detroit, Michigan.

1979Coordination Patterns Within an Interorganizational Network (with Andrew Van de Ven and Jennie Liston), Human Relations, 32:19-36.

Work in Progress

“The Evolution of Heterogeneity in Performance,” (with Tammy Madsen) in revision for Strategic Management Journal

Interfirm Mobility and Organizational Growth in the Foreign Exchange Market - 1973-1993,” (with Tammy Madsen)

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