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During the inspection visit, questions were asked to determine how the facilitieswere managed, as well as the process for handling anestees andholding of the prisoners. Notes were Qken of where deficienciesdccurredor corrective action might be needed, if any.


Burton Creek is classified as a Type I jail, but currently is only used for daytime lockup and temporary prisoner and court holdings. The facility consists of a jail, a courtroom and the sheriff's off~ce.Thm are a total of 60 people on Burton Creek's sta& of which 45 are law







enforcement personnel,


including one sergeant and two of the four detectives. There is a large turnover

are female, of personnel

which the management believes is directly related to the cost of living, recruitment, conditionsdue to severe inclement weather and the location of the substation.


The dispatch center is a modern electronic control center, with each work station having multiple computer monitors. Dispatchers have access to all law enforcement networks,a set of site surveillancescreensand direct access to the deputies in the field. Dispatch is covered by two shifls a day h r n 5:00 am to 9:00 pm. At the end of the second shift the dispatch responsibilities are turned over to the county's central.dispatch center. It is not unusual that after 5:00pm the two dispatcherson duty are the only personnel in the building. This makes it difficult for them to physically answer the door if someonewere to call on the emergency telephone at the fiont door.

The Grand Jury was informed that the building complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) only because the outside perimeter has not been changed to the point that new standards must be met. However, access to the emergency phone, located outside the front door, is not readily accessible to those with disabilities or the eIderly. In addition, the front concrete stepsleadingto the entranceof the substationwere in poor condition.

Burton Creek Substation is equipped with holding areas for the booking process. The fscility's booking area consists of a working desk, network access to insure oAmpedetainee identification and a small holding cell. Prior to incarceration at the mainjail in Aubum, each detainee has to be health certified by a nurse. If the detainee'is to be transferred to the Nevada County Jail, they have to be health certified by a medical doctor before being accepted. Following the booking process, the arresteesare either transported to the mainjail located in Auburn or held at the Nevada County JaiI in Truckee. Those that can't be transported by the end of the day or have to be held overnight are transferred to the Nevada County Jail.

For those prisoners *being beld for a court holding or for daytime lockup, meals can be provided. Burton Creek maintains up to a month supply of flash frozen meals that can be prepared for those in custody. The facility utilizes a trustee who, aside from doing general maintenanceduties, assists in defkostingand heating the meals to be served.

hxvenile arrests are a special case because Burton Creek isn't approved to handle them. In the most extreme cases, they must be transported to Placer County Juvenile Hall in Aubuns.

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