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Honorable Larry Gaddis, Jr. Presiding Judge, Superior Court September 18,2007 Page 2

RESPONSE: The recorn~nendatio requires further analysis. As indicated in the response fro111the Director of Facility Services an ,4DA survey of the Burton Creek facility has been conducted and he has concluded that public access and travel paths of the property should meet the requirements ofthe ADA. However, the Director %ill conduct another inspection of the facility and property to determine if any addition improvements are necessary and advisable.


Provide adequate access to the outside emergency telephone for those with disabilities or the elderly.

RESPONSE: The recommendation has been implemented. As indicated from the response of the Facility Services Director, vending machines, that previously impeded or block access to the outside emergency telephone have been removed from the property.


Replacement of concrete steps leading to entrance of substation.

RESPONSE: The recommendation has been implemented. As indicated in the response of the Sheriff the concrete steps at the entrance of the building have been replaced. In addition, the Director of Facility Services has indicated that during the fall season the parking lot surrounding the building will be repaired or replaced and this may lcad to an opportunity to eliminate the existing steps which may improve access and safety for the public and staff.


Improve conditions and add personnel for the dispatch center.

RESPONSE: The recon~mendatio has been implemented. As indicated in the response of the Sheriff the dispatch center within the Burton Creek facility was recently renovated. Improvements include new carpeting, interior painting and a converted break room for the dispatch staff. The Sheriff has hired three new1public safety dispatchers and additional candidates are completing the background screening phase of the recruitment process.


Issue update on the proposed building of a new facilitj. by 2010.

RESPONSE: The recornmendation has been implen~entrd.Inf~rmatiotand updates on this and all other capital proJectsof the Facilities Sen ices Department are provided to their client departments on a pe!ioilic basis from the planning phase through construction and occupancy. More for~rlareports are provided dr! ,i\g meetings of the Capital Facilities Improvement Committee. On August 7 ,1007 the County Executive Cltiicer presented a report to the Tjoard of Supervisors on the status of various capital inlprovement projects an2 the financing p l ~ for these projects ~ncludin the replacement facility for ?3urtilnCreek.

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