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Realizing the Bogor Goals in the Maritime Transport Sector

Discussion paper prepared by the MEG Secretariat



At the 25th APEC TPT-WG meeting in Washington, D.C., the United States, in June 2005, the Maritime Experts Group, MEG, (former Maritime Initiative (MI) group) reviewed its progress towards achieving the goals set forth in the APEC Leaders’ Meeting accomplishments in implementing the Bogor Goals, which aim free and open trade and investment in Asia-Pacific by 2010 for developed economies and 2020 for developing economies, and confirmed that the MEG had completed 1) issue identification with the Transparency Exercise Questionnaire Project and the Facilitation of International Shipping Project, 2) establishing a policy framework with the Common Principals to Shipping Policy, and the next step  was 3) policy implementation.  And the MEG outlined the road map to fully implement the Bogor Goals in the following (name of organizations are modified based on the recent reorganization of the APEC TPT-WG):

In the context of Maritime Transport, the Maritime Experts Group (MEG) encourages APEC Economies to take active steps to keep their commitments to achieve this Bogor Goals.  At the TPT-25, the MEG took an important first step toward meeting the Goals. The MEG agreed that the Bogor Goals can be achieved by adopting the nine policy elements of the Facilitation of International Shipping Project.  This would be accomplished by:


Members providing to the Secretariat of the Maritime Experts Group (MEG) with a response to the questionnaire, “Review of the Status of Implementing APEC Common Principals to Shipping Policy” as shown in ANNEX I (omitted).  The questionnaire is based on the APEC Common Principles to Shipping Policy, ANNEX II (omitted);  


The Chairman shall then submit a consolidated report to the Head of Delegation meeting;


Identifying, for each of the nine Policy Items, a "champion" APEC Economy that would provide leadership and support to other APEC Economies with respect to that policy item and report to the MI on the progress of each individual Economy. The Champions could be APEC Economies that have already been identified in the best practices study (Volume 2 of the Facilitation of International Shipping Project);


Creating a structured approach for the sharing of information by APEC Economies in the development of concrete proposals to implement the nine policy items;


Providing a framework for implementing international conventions and accords; and


Other steps that may be recommended by the MEG during its discussions on the most effective role for the MEG in the implementation process.

At the 26th APEC TPT-WG meeting in Vladivostok, Russian Federation, in September 2005, the MEG developed and adopted the questionnaire “Review of the Status of Implementing APEC Common Principles to Shipping Policy” and agreed with the procedure that all member economies would provide to the Secretariat of the Group with a response to the questionnaire by the 30th of November, 2005.

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