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Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters discussed AAMVA’s key role in achieving safer highways.

Col. John Czernis, Director, Florida Highway Patrol was recently appointed to hold the first law enforcement seat on the AAMVA Board of Directors.


10MOVE | Fall 2008

CDLIS modernization project will improve system effectiveness,” and will “accommo- date future growth and new requirements.” He also thanked the community for achiev- ing Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act compliance (all jurisdictions passed structure testing shortly after the AIC). k Officials from the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin- istration and Depart- ment of Homeland Security discussed many important safety initiatives. AAMVA and NHTSA have a strong working relationship and will continue to address behavioral factors in road safety, motorcycle safety, graduated license programs, older driver safety and improve- ments to the National Driver Register.

k AIC attendees learned about progress in REAL ID and the latest devel- opments related to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information Sys- tem (NMVTIS). k The AIC Awards Lun- cheon featured award recipients in highway safety, customer ser- vice and public affairs. The AAMVA web site details the recipients. k More information on and presentations from AIC can be found at www.aamva.org. Make sure to circle August 23–26, 2009 on your cal- endar now for AAMVA’s 76th Annual Interna- tional Conference in San Diego, Calif.

looking ahead


As the association’s fiscal year closed, the AAMVA Board made a number of decisions to resolve an impending budget

shortfall and to position AAMVA strategically for the challenges ahead. The objective was to focus AAMVA’s limited resources into areas where the membership receives a direct value.

The Board made decisions affecting the following programs: NMVTIS, regional mem- bership and conference support, law enforcement support, Fraudulent Document Recovery, AAMVA U, CDLIS fees, committee support and annual membership fees and dues.

Details on the afore- mentioned decisions are available in Move Online at www.aamva. org/new AAMVA.

new faces

AAMVA Appoints Law Enforcement Seat on the Board

In keeping with the 2009 theme “building

the foundation for the future,” the AAMVA Board of Directors recently decided to re- emphasize the impor- tance of the ongoing partnership between law enforcement and the motor vehicle com- munity. At the 2008 AIC in Florida, the bylaws were amended to es- tablish a dedicated law enforcement position on the International Board of Directors. Chair George Valverde announced the ap- pointment of Col. John Czernis, Director of the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), as the first law enforcement represen- tative to hold this posi- tion. Colonel Czernis holds over 30 years of dedicated service to the FH , and his extensive knowledge and experi- ence will help carry the important LE/MV partnership into the future. M

Tom Manuel

Leslie Kimball

Brittney Asbury,

Program Director, Driver Fitness, AAMVA

Vice President, Communications, Century Council

Communications Assistant, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Katelyn Wyszynski

Publications Specialist, AAMVA

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