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T r A f f i c c r A S h e S T A K i N G A L o o K A T T h e f i N A N c i A L

Rising gas prices…they’re everywhere! And there’s no escaping the alerts about a penny rise in prices, or an overnight dime increase, multiple times throughout the day— in the morning paper, on signs on the drive to work, the evening news, the gas pump itself! Similarly, TV commercials, roadside signage and in-depth newspaper articles and reports flash scary statistics related to highway injuries and fatalities. But let’s face it…while the number of traffic crash-related injuries and fatalities has significantly decreased over the years (due in part to new laws, safety campaigns, and a better public understand- ing of poor driving behavior), our society tends to heed more toward advice that saves their bank account than saves their lives.

So when the average Joe makes his morning commute, speeding past fellow drivers at an obnoxious pace, it’s the billboards proclaiming the next winning lottery number and this months record high fuel price that get his attention. The important safety signs on the side of the road? He just whizzes by without a glance. But—hey, Joe, here’s some information that might make you slow down…traffic crashes (be it one you’re involved in or one on the other side of the state) can have you turning over couch cushions in search of loose change.

28MOVE | Fall 2008

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