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The use of social media is on a constant rise. In fact, the Century Council just demonstrated how Web 2.0 tools like YouTube™ can have a big impact on sending safety messages.


At Your Service

Get some insight from fellow jurisdictions on what’s changing with vision screening requirements.

Closing up the 75th AIC in Orlando, Florida, both an individual and an agency brought home a Martha Irwin Distinguished Service Award for making a significant impact on highway safety initiatives.


Move is printed on forest-friendly Anthem Matte paper using soy ink.

t 4'* DFSUJöFE QSPEVDUT DPNF GSPN /PSUI "NFSJDBO GPSFTUT managed to rigorous environmental standards.

t SFI standards conserve biodiversity and protect soil and water quality, as well as wildlife habitats.

t SFI forests are audited by independent experts to ensure proper adherence to the SFI Standard.

t SFI participants also plant more than 650 million trees each year to keep these forests thriving.

COVER PHOTO Your name could be here! Submit an original photo that depicts the theme of the issue, and it could be Move’s next cover! So get out those cameras and brush up on your skills.

The deadline for the winter issue is Dec. 31, 2008 and the theme is “Enforcing Safety” For more details on entry submis- sion, visit www.aamva.org and click on Move.

2007–2009 MOVE EDITORIAL BOARD Mike Alderman, Florida (Legal) • Shannon Barnes, Idaho (Technology) • Lotte Devlin, South Carolina (Vehicle) • Lt. Col. Doyle Eicher (Law Enforcement) • Daria Gerard, New Jersey (Customer Service) • Charles Gooch, Missouri (Legal) • Tina Hargis, Iowa (Vehicle) • Mark Holmes, West Virginia (Highway Safety) • Jerri Hunter, Idaho (Motor Carrier) • Patricia Mayers, Wisconsin (Public Affairs) • Mike Miranda, California (Public Affairs) • Tom McClellan, Oregon (Technology) • Jeri Owen, Digimarc (Industry) • Nathan Root, BearingPoint (Industry) • Stacey Stanton (AAMVA Board) • Barbara Tanius • Freddy Williams, Washington (Law Enforcement) • VACANT (Driver) • VACANT (E-government) • Connecticut (Driver) • VACANT (Customer Service) • VACANT (Industry)

MOVE | Fall 2008

PUBLISHER Neil D. Schuster President & CEO

MANAGING EDITOR Jason D. King jking@aamva.org

EDITOR Katelyn Wyszynski kwyszynski@aamva.org

ELECTRONIC PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Amanda Mesones amesones@aamva.org

DESIGN & PRODUCTION AURAS Design Rob Sugar (301) 587-4300 Robsugar@auras.com

MAILING ADDRESS Move Magazine 4301 Wilson Blvd., Suite 400 Arlington, VA 22203

EDITORIAL Potential authors should contact the editor to discuss proposed articles prior to submitting manuscripts.

COPyRIGHTS ©2008 by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. All rights reserved. Materials may not be reproduced without written permission, except for educational purposes where fewer than 100 copies are being reproduced. Address copyright queries to the editor.

The opinions in this publication are those of the authors and not necessarily those of AAMVA or its officers or directors.

ADVERTISING OFFICES Network Media Partners Inc. Executive Plaza I, Suite 900 11350 McCormick Road Hunt Valley, MD 21031-1002 (410) 584-1955 Fax: (410) 584-1998 Contact: Ben Ledyard bledyard@networkpub.com

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

4301 Wilson Blvd., Suite 400 Arlington, VA 22203 (703) 522-4200 Fax: (703) 522-1553 AAMVA is a non-profit, educational organization representing state and provincial motor vehicle and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and Canada. To learn more about membership opportunities, contact Dianne E. Graham, Vice President, at (703) 522-4200 or visit www.aamva.org.

2008–2009 Board of Directors

CHAIR OF THE BOARD George Valverde, California

VICE CHAIR Charles O’Donnell, New Brunswick

SECRETARy Lynn Judd, Wisconsin

TREASURER Dennis Kamimura

MEMBER AT LARGE Judy Brown, Texas

PARLIAMENTARIAN John Batiste, Washington

IMMEDIATE PAST-CHAIR Glenn Turner, Florida

Sharon Harrington, New Jersey Rachel Kaprielian, Massachussetts Johanne St-Cyr, Quebec Marcia Adams, South Carolina Mike Munns, Arkansas Demerst (D.B.) Smit, Virginia John Czernis, Florida Patricia McCormack, Minnesota Julie Allen, Missouri Mike Rankin, Ohio Firoz Mohamed, Alberta Amy Smith, Idaho Stacey Stanton, Arizona

2008-2009 REGIONAL PRESIDENTS Region I - Rachel Kaprielian Region II - Mike Munns Region III - Patricia McCormack Region IV - Firoz Mohamed

Postmaster: Send address changes and circulation inquiries to Move Magazine, AAMVA, 4301 Wilson Blvd., Suite 400, Arlington, VA 22203. Bulk postage paid at York, PA.

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