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and Conference Center Breckenridge, Colorado

DAY 2 AGENDA - SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 2008 continued ... BREAKOUT SESSIONS RESUME (Note: please make your selections on the registration page)



Using Divorce Coaches • When, why and how a divorce coach can help • Credentials of such a coach • Types of cases that can benefit from this assistance

2:35 - 3:05 pm: Child Support Enforcement Issues • Overview of Title IV-D of the Social Security Act and the Child Support Enforcement Program • Nuts and Bolts of the Colorado Administrative Procedure Act for the Establishment and Enforcement of Child Support • Review of Administrative Remedies Available to Child Support Enforcement

Presented by Dori DeJong, Esq. and Barbara Shindell, LCSW

Presented by Lara Delka, Esq. and Linda Nickels, Esq.

3:05 - 3:35 pm: TRAILS and Child Abuse Reporting • What is TRAILS and what is a TRAILS record? • How is a TRAILS record created? • Employment implications of a TRAILS record • Practical tips for negotiating a TRAILS case. (Sample pleadings and forms) Presented by Joe Pickar , Esq. and Wade Livingston, Esq.

2:35 - 3:35 pm

SESSION 13: What the research says about custody evaluation and ADR models

  • Research that is critical of the “evaluate and litigate” model

  • Paradigm shift to ADR models and the research

3:35 - 4:05 pm

based rationale for such a shift

  • Improving the scientific foundation of evaluations and the special problems presented by CFI evaluations

Presented by Bill Fyfe, Ed.D.

Refreshment Break

BREAKOUT SESSIONS RESUME (Note: please make your selections on the registration page)

4:05 - 4:55 pm

SESSION 16: Case and Statutory Law Principles for Mental Health Practitioners Presented by Pam Gagel, Eq. and Gina

Weitzenkorn, Esq.

SESSION 17: "I didn't do it!"

  • Update on Ethics opinions and Rules of Professional Conduct

  • Fiduciary Duties and Conflicts of Interest

  • Avoiding Malpractice Pitfalls

Presented by Marc Kaplan, Esq.

1 Ethics Credit

7:15 am

Registration Open / Continental Breakfast

8:30 - 10:00 am

Case Law Update Presented by Honrable David Furman, Tim Mehrtens, Esq. and Ron Litvak, Esq.

10:00 - 10:30 am

Refreshment Break


10:30 - 12:00 pm

NEW VISION HOT TOPICS (15 minutes each)

  • Creative Use of CPA's - Presented by William Vincent, CPA

  • Alternatives to CFI's, including Child Specialist - Presented by Ann Gushurst, Esq. and David Littman, Esq.

  • WholeChild Parenting After Divorce - Presented by Joan McWilliams, Esq. and Donna Kearney Hinds

  • Early Neutral Evaluations-Focused Child Based Evaluations - Presented by Jill Reiter, LCSW and Honorable John Bryan

  • Family Courts Update - Presented by Steve McBride, Esq.

  • Update from the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System - Presented by Pam Gagel, Esq. and

Justice Rebecca Kourlis

12:00 pm

Closing Remarks and Adjourn - David Littman, Esq. and Brenda L. Storey, Esq.

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