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Electronic Service Agent for i5/OS V5R3 Simplified Activation User Guide - Version 1.0

Chapter 4. Questions and Answers

Q1: How do I obtain and install Service Agent for V5R3?

A1: Service Agent is included in the base i5/OS V5R3 operating system product 5722-SS1.

Q2: How do I know if my simplified activation is complete and if Service Agent is running?

A2: Type GO SERVICE. Choose the option to Work with jobs to show the active status of the Service Agent jobs running in the QSYSWRK subsystem. Type the command WRKJOBSCDE to show the QS9SACOL job schedule entry that initiates the collection and transmission of service information.

Q3: Will my Service Agent settings be migrated?

A3: If a system or logical partition was migrated from a prior release, existing Service Agent settings will be restored upon an i5/OS V5R3 upgrade.

Q4: Is a communications configuration needed before starting the Simplified Activation?

A4: No. Simplified Activation will create Point-to-Point or VPN connection configuration(s) for ECS and Service Agent during the activation as needed.

Q5: What if an error occurs when my system attempts to send a hardware failure or service information to IBM?

A5: Service Agent uses many i5/OS V5R3 system functions: Management Central, TCP/IP connection profiles, Electronic Customer Support (ECS), and the Problem log. Normal system problem determination is recommended for any error received.

Q6: How do I know that service information was sent to IBM using Service Agent?

A6: To verify, type GO SERVICE. Choose the option to Display service information collection. Press Enter to select for the local system.

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