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Electronic Service Agent for i5/OS V5R3 Simplified Activation User Guide - Version 1.0

Q7: How can I change the scheduled time of the service information collection job?

A7: To change the scheduled time, do this: Type GO SERVICE. Choose the option to Change Service Agent attributes. Modify the Collect time and/or Send time elements of the Service information parameter.

Q8: How can I change the settings of the connection profiles created during the simplified activation?

A8: Type GO SERVICE. Choose the option for Service Configuration menu, then choose the option to Change service configuration.

Q9: When should I be able to view today’s entries for collecting and sending service information?

A9: The Service Agent process of collecting and transmitting service information takes longer on the initial transmission. Factors which affect the length of the time needed to collect and transmit are the type and model of your system, processing load, and the speed of the connection.

A summary of the collection and transmission steps is outlined below.

  • A collection task determines if service information should be collected;

  • If a collection is needed, a Management Central task is used to collect the information;

  • After the collection is complete, a job is submitted to send the information to IBM. Sending the service information includes these steps:

    • o

      Starting the connection profile;

      • o

        If applicable, varying on its associated line, controller and device descriptions;

      • o

        If applicable, dialing AT&T Global Network Services (AGNS) or other specified Internet Service Provider;

      • o

        Connecting to IBM and sending the service information to the service data receiver.

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