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Datasheet JCT Media Boards

Dialogic® D/41JCT-LS Media Board

The Dialogic® D/41JCT-LS Media Board is a 4-port analog converged communications board that supports voice, fax, and software-based speech recognition processing in a single PCI or PCI Express slot, providing four (4) analog telephone interface circuits for direct connection to analog loop start lines.

Dialogic® JCT Media Boards – including this model - can be used by developers to provide small- and medium-sized enterprise Computer Telephony (CT) applications that require high-performance voice and fax processing. Among the features and benefits of these boards, and other Dialogic® JCT Media Boards, are the following. They use Digital Signal Processor (DSP) voice processing technology, making them well- suited for server-based CT systems under Windows and Linux. They also provide a powerful platform for creating sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications for the small and medium-sized enterprise market segment. Their Caller ID support lets applications, such as IVR, receive calling party information via a telephone trunk line; Caller ID is supported for North America (CLASS protocol), the United Kingdom (CLI protocol), and in Japan (CLIP protocol). Features such as fax and software-based speech recognition processing enable unified messaging applications. They also provide Automatic Gain Control (AGC), so even a weak telephone signal can be recorded and replayed with complete clarity.

Features CT or H.100 bus connectivity

Benefits Enables an application to switch calls to or from other resources

Supports Continuous Speech Processing (CSP)

Provides a flexible speech processing technology, which, when coupled with efficient drivers, off-loads critical real-time signal processing in speech-enabled applications to on-board DSPs. Reduces system latency, increases recognition accuracy, and improves overall system response time for high-density speech solutions.

Supports up to four (4) channels of DSP-based on-board fax

Reduces the number of boards per system

Separate models available with Universal PCI or PCI Express edge connector

Universal PCI form factor compatible with 3.3 V and 5.0 V bus signals; and PCI Express form factor compatible with x1 lane configuration or higher

A-law or µ-law voice coding at dynamically selectable data rates, 24 kbit/s to 64 kbit/s, selectable on a channel-by-channel basis

Allows for a beneficial tradeoff between disk storage and voice quality

Telcordia CLASS, UK CLI, Japanese Caller ID, and other international protocols

Supports international Caller ID capability via on-hook audio path

Advanced outbound call progress analysis

Monitors outgoing call status quickly and accurately

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